Shoe & Leather Care

Prolonging the Life of your items

Filling you wardrobe with high quality leather goods should be seen as a long-term commitment. Leather is a vibrant and living material that necessitates a moderate level of maintenance. The following posts provide information on different aspects of leather care and the best ways of preserving your shoes, handbags. jackets and other valuable leather items. When looked after properly, good quality leather items can be made to last many years.

Shoe Care with Saphir Medialle D'Or

Having been involved in importing shoe and leather care products since 1956, we’re often asked the best products for looking after a pair of well-made leather or suede shoes. While there are many timeless and established shoe care brands, some of which have been around for decades, in recent years none have received the same hype as Saphir. With a cult following of shoe afficandos and trusted by luxury brands, the Saphir Medialle D’Or range is currently our craftsmens choice for premium shoe maintenance and as a finishing product for our repairs.

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Rubber Sole Additions

Most shoe-makers will recommend applying rubber layers (or Topys) as the best way of extending the life of your leather soles, but is this modification actually causing damage to your shoes? While there are different schools of thought on applying rubber half soles to your shoes, many people have little insight into what the process involves. This post dispels some of the myths surrounding rubber half soles and aims to better inform our clients about some of the long-term benefits of this often misunderstood sole modification.

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Finding Cobblers in Melbourne

Why is finding a decent cobblers for your shoes these days so difficult? This post looks at some of the underlying causes of the reduced number of old-school craftsmen operating around Melbourne. Contributing factors include the move of fashion companies to overseas factory operations and the rise of the diversified cobbler. Recommendations are also provided of local Melbourne based cobblers who continue to uphold time-honoured methods of craftsmanship.

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