You may have thought of changing the colour of your shoes but is it really possible to dye the leather to a new colour?

Dyeing is actually part of the tanning process whereby leather is treated with special chemicals prior to being manufactured into shoes. The dyeing phase is usually accomplished in huge vats where the leather is allowed to soak for an extended period, permanently changing the colour.

Although most leather dyeing is completed at large-scale, it is certainly possible to change the colour of your leather shoes through dyeing the leather by hand. While leather dyes are available to purchase, for best results it is recommended you seek out a leather professional. This is because most commercially available dyes are limited in their colour range and if the leather is not treated correctly your shoes could be irreversibly damaged.

A leather professional will use dyes that are industrially sourced allowing them to replicate the dyeing process used in the tanneries. This includes preparation of the leather, custom matching a specific colour of your choice, adjusting the colour for tone and gloss, applying the finish evenly and sealing the leather to prevent the colour from migrating.