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Our team are experts in leather bag repairs, cleaning and restoration services. Bring your bag to our heritage workshop in Melbourne for a personalised consultation or use our convenient online bag repair service with Australia Post.

Examples of Bag Repairs

Recent examples of bag repairs and customer stories from our Facebook page. Learn about the type of work we do, brands we service and the bespoke solutions we provide to our clients.

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YSL handbag repair

Yves Saint Laurent bag sent by Olivia to repair the hardware / press stud, which had a small tear in the leather. We decided on replacing the entire panel as there was a bit of wear and discolouration to the suede.

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Excellent work, as usual.

Marvellous job!

Extremely pleased with my bags.

It looks fantastic!

Melbourne Leather Bag Repairs

As an established bag repair shop in Melbourne for over sixty years, our team offer both repairs and leather bag restoration services. Visit our heritage workshop at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne for a consultation with our specialists or post your items to our bag repairers from anywhere in Australia.

Bag Repairs Melbourne

Online Bag Repairs Australia

If you're looking for a bag repair shop near you we offer an online bag repair service with Australia Post. Our team can assist with organising your bag to be delivered to our heritage workshop. Send photos of your bag to our team to get started with your repair.

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Online Bag Repairs Australia

Our Bag Repair Services

We repair, clean and restore all types of leather, suede, canvas and all styles of bag. Popular bag repair services we provide are outlined below including a full service list and bag repair prices.

Bag loop repair or replacement

Loop Repair / Replacement

The loop is the point of attachment of the handle or strap to the bag and is prone to wearing. We repair loops by using a combination of stitching and reinforcing the leather. Worn loops can be recrafted and replaced.

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Bag relining or lining replacement

Lining Replacement / Relining

We replace bag linings or reline bags with matching new leather or material. This involves removing the original bag lining before adding pockets or zips to the bag lining and transferring hardware or brand tags.

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Bag strap repair or replacement

Strap Repair / Replacement

We repair bag straps by either stitching, reinforcing or strengthening with a supporting layer of leather. For straps that are well worn we recraft new straps from similar leather and redye to match the original colour.

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Bag handle repair or replacement

Handle Repair / Replacement

We repair bag handles by either stitching the handles or reinforcing with supporting layers of leather. For bag handles that are well worn we recraft new handles flat or rounded handles and reattach to the bag.

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Bag resizing or reshaping

Resizing, Reshaping or Restructuring

We modify the structure or change the size of leather bags. This can involve a variety of jobs such as correcting bags that appear saggy or taking in the seams of bags to make them smaller.

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Bag strap shortening or lengthening

Strap Shortening / Lengthening

We shorten or lengthen bag handles to achieve a custom length. A measurement is taken to find the ideal length of the strap and the strap is shortened to the new size.

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Bag hardware repair or replacement

Hardware Repair / Replacement

We replace or reattach all types of bag hardware including locks, clasps, eyelets, buckles, D-rings, grommets, chains, snaps, small pins, metal feet, trimmings, frames, rivets and press studs.

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Bag zip repair or replacement

Zip Repair / Replacement

We repair bag zips or completely replace the zip with a new one. We stock a variety of zip colours and fabrics for most brands, which we can custom match to the exterior and interior of any leather bag.

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Bag restitching

Stitch / Restiching

We repair stitching or restitch leather bags. This may include restitching handles, straps, zips or interior areas of the bag. We stock a variety of threads matched for colour and thickness.

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Bag Patch or reinforce

Patch / Reinforce

We patch tears and worn areas in leather bags from an unexposed side. External patching can be used on worn corners and the leather can also be recoloured for a seamless repair.

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Bag fixing or reglueing

Reglueing, Fixing, Metalwork...

We attend to a variety of bag repair jobs that do not fit neatly into other categories. Examples may including fixing locks, replacing small pins, reglueing, re-welding hardware and bag frames.

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Bag strap edge re-waxing or resealing

Re-waxing Handles and Straps

We repair worn edges on straps or handles by resealing with beeswax and custom matched leather dye. We lightly sand and smoothen the edges before reapplying the finish to the edges of straps or handles.

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Bag waterproofing or protection

Waterproofing / Protection

We professionally waterproof leather bag with silicon-free waterproofing agents. This helps strengthen the leather fibres, prevents staining to the bag and assist with cleaning or maintaining your leather bag.

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Bag cleaning and restoration

Cleaning / Restoration

We clean and removed stains from bag. Our deep cleaning procedure involves removing any marks or stains on the leather with extractive techniques before restoring the surface with cleaning and conditioning agents.

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Bag refinishing and recolouring

Refinishing / Recolouring

We refinish, redye or recolour bag that are discoloured, scratched or deeply stained. The dye is custom-matched and the finish is reapplied by hand before the leather is nourished and waterproofed to prevent colour migration.

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Bag dyeing and colour change

Colour Change / Dye

We recolour or dye bags to a new colour. The original finish of the bag is stripped before the new dye is applied. Our dyes allow for a natural and refined finish to the leather that preserves the original character.

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Full Service & Price List

Our full service and price list. If you require a repair or restoration not listed above or need a custom quote for your items send photos to our team via our online order form.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great workmanship and attentive service.

  • Luis Murphy

    I had them fix the strap on a leather messenger bag. Amazing quality of work and they turned it around in less than a week. The shoulder strap is stronger than when I first bought it and I know it's going to last me a very long time. STRONGLY recommend them if you need anything fixed!

  • Charlotte White


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Need a leather repair or restoration? Our Melbourne based heritage workshop provides Australia wide shoe, handbag and leather restorations. Send photos to our team for a quote.

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