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Chanel Repairs & Restoration

We specialise in Chanel shoe and bag repairs including cleaning, colour refinishing and leather restoration. Please find examples of Chanel shoe and bag repairs below.

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Black Chanel bag restoration.⁠

Side stained and discoloured Chanel bag. We redyed/refinished the black leather to remove the stain and restore the bag to like-new condition.⁠

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing #bagrepair

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -
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Di Keser FYI

Magical as always!

Chanel handbag re-whitening.

A few marks and discolouration on the body of this Chanel white bag. We touched up the colour and added a white dye to the surface before water protecting the leather.

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing #bagrepair
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Anne-Maree Adams


Meaghan Smith !!

Amazing 🤩

Chanel Lining Recraft and Replacement

Chanel quilted leather bag with wear and tear around the lining and inner surfaces. We remade the lining from a beige leather including all the compartments. We also did our best to preserve the Chanel logo on the flap and silver embossing.

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #bagrelining #bagrepair
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You can also watch the Chanel bag repair on our youtube

I have emailed and no reply



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Chanel Ballerina Restoration & Recolouring

We’re hopeful we can start showcasing a few of our repairs again soon, unfortunately our photographer hasn’t been able to come in due to restrictions. A special thanks to our customers who have used our prepaid postal box service, we hope everyone is well and looking after themselves.
#designershoerepair #chanelshoerepair #chanelrestoration #colourrefinishing
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Chanel Handbag Redyeing

Redyeing from beige to black. We treated the leather with a black stain as a base coat before reapplying the finish to the leather. We do so many of these Chanel bag repairs while blacks a popular option our team can also match and redye to any colour.
#handbagrepair #bagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing #chanelbagrepair #chanelbagrestoration
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If you're interested in watching the full restoration with some commentary please see our Youtube channel -

Fabulous work guys



So good to know that when Yu spend *that* much you can make them as good as new.

This is incredibly satisfying!! 😍😍😍😍

Your team is amazing....

Yoong Nim if you got bored and wanted black 🤣🤣

Zac Davis wow

Tarney Kearney

Classy bag in black!

Daria Wray this is one of my favourite internet things. Scroll through them. Deeply satisfying

😮 Wow

HaeAh Lee

Julie Pavlovic

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