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Gucci Repairs & Restoration

Featured customer Gucci repairs and restorations from our Facebook page. If you’re interested in having your Gucci restored with us send photos to our team. Post your Gucci from anywhere in Australia or visit our Melbourne heritage workshop.

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Gucci Vintage Bag Restoration

Suede Gucci vintage bag brought into our store for cleaning. There was general discolouration and fading of the tan suede. We restored the colour of the bag and waterprotected the leather to prevent further colour loss.

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Oh wow I have a Prada Nylon/Leather bag I purchased in Venice years ago at home in Indonesia it’s worn and old but very sentimental. When I go back (currently I’m in Australia) can I send you some photos to see if you can bring it back to life ? I also have a vintage Gucci with bamboo handles that needs some love πŸ’• Would you be able to DHL or something to Indo ? Many thanks Tracey

Stunning job!

Gucci Loafers Restoration

Black leather Gucci loafers "attacked" by this customers puppy. This customer posted her shoes from Brisbane to have them restored with us. We recrafted the torn tongue and revitalised the leather with a general redye and reconditioning service.

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I bet the customer is pretty happy with the results. You guys are magicians!

Evans are the best! Every couple of years when we still lived in Melbourne we’d take in our good winter shoes and boots for repair and restoration. Worth every cent. Means that your favourites live on every season and look great.

Beautiful workmanship!

Amazing work

Magic as always!

Virginia Donchos the place in the CBD I was telling you about this morning. ❀️

Someone loved those shoes

Keep forgetting to wear these πŸ–€


Chris Dunn good to know

Super impressive πŸ‘

Terri Hart

Jessica Antoniou

Diana Stevanovic

Chard Lazarra

Cun Con Pham

Nicola Nasato πŸ˜‚

Wow that’s amazing work

Wow. Talent

Jessica Kellahan

That’s amazing 🀩

Amazing work..

Wow! Impressive πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Gucci Marmont Bag Restoration

There was discolouration around the edges of the bag, the body and piping. We revived the leather with a colour matched beige/white dye to complete the restoration.

#guccibagrepair #handbagredyeing #designerbagrepair #handbagrepair

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -
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I need to fix the button in my bag Gucci

Mag kaano po ba nag charge ?

At saan ba po ang pwisto not?

Chelsea Flower


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Gucci duffle bag zip repair

A new bronze-coloured zipper was installed for this client. For our customers at home a reminder that we have a postal service available and our Royal Arcade store remains open for drop off orders.

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I used to have the exact one, but black, bought in the 70s, unfortunately it wore out from overuse. Great job!

The fourth pair of Guccis hes destroyed

Gucci loafer restoration. We rebuilt the upper for this client and added a layer of leather lining for support. The colour of the white leather we used wasn't perfect so we also redyed it for her.

#guccishoerepair #guccishoerestoration #shoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #designershoerestoration
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Perhaps someone needs to learn to put their shoes away πŸ€“

Anthony Gaulke

Curate & Style this is the sensational leather repairer I mentioned

Omg that’s amazing. I have Gucci sneakers my dog attacked. Can u fix them too?

Thank goodness for that skilled artisans like you!

Well done, a very difficult repair.

Goodness! Maybe store them out of reach??!!

Moral of the story- don’t wear Guccis when you have a puppy - 🀣or leave them lying around!

Wow Great job! Wish I know you when my dog was young she ripped my fave Jimmy Choo heels πŸ€— But is ok I can’t be mad at her lol

Just as well it wasn’t human or I’d be mad .. 🐢 πŸ’•..amazing restoration !!!!


Pure genius. Love your work πŸ˜₯❀😊

Kylie Markopoulos this is the page to follow if you ever need repairs the store won’t cover

Ones for you Phil Morrison

Erica Reyes

Polly Tsingelidis

Ken Rowbotham 🀭

Nicole Marjanovich

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3 years ago

Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs

Gucci Lining Replacement

Gucci lining replacement. We removed the old synthetic lining and recrafted a new one from matching white / cream leather. We also remade the zips, inserted the Gucci branded hardware and recreated the pockets to match the original design.

#guccibagrepair #guccirepair #bagrelining
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Amazing. Gucci are naughty lining a bag with synthetic lining....

And what are the? charges for this process please?

I must make a visit this is wonderful

Great job!!!

Elfi Parzefall you could get the GG marmont white bag ink leak replaced!!! 😱

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3 years ago

Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs

Gucci Wallet Zip Replacement

We recently received this lovely Gucci wallet from Danielle, which was given to her as a birthday gift from her husband.

The fabric portion of the zipper had worn so we replaced the zip with a gold matched one. We were also able to keep the original Gucci branded runner intact.

#guccibagrepair #gucciwalletrepair #guccirepair
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They have been doing this for so many years I know thirty years at least

Great work, the skill to restore items that folks cherish is fantastic.