Shoe Cleaning & Restoration

Stain Removal & Colour Touching

We offer a professional service in leather and suede shoe cleaning including extraction of oil, alcohol and water stains, dirt and grime, scuffs and marks. Depending on the severity of the stain, sometimes the shoes need to be refinished with custom matched dye. This is achieved by either touching up or re-dyeing the shoes entirely. Please see examples of shoe cleaning & restoration processes below.

R.M. Williams Suede Boots Cleaning

A lesson for this customer that R.Ms should never be used as a substitute for work boots. The black suede was tarnished from what appeared to be a day spent on a construction site. The boots had collected copious amounts of dust and earthy residue, discolouring the suede and leaving a cloudy appearance.

Although worse for wear, the boots were not far gone enough to necessitate dyeing. A professional cleaning procedure was enough to remove the dust and dirt particles, even out the fibres and restore a neat black finish to the suede leather. The heels and soles, severely discoloured from clumps of dirt, also needed to be cleaned and refinished with a colour-matched edge dressing.

Ferragamo Pink Flats Re-Touching

Ferragamo Sneaker Cleaning

These high top Ferragamo sneakers were being regularly used as trainers, leaving the designer shoes in not very good nick. The grey, blue and white synthetic leather was covered with gunk and stains. There were also black D ring shaped marks found behind each of the silver buckles.

The beloved sneakers were booked in for a much needed restorative clean. This involved using a leather shampoo to clean and wash the unwanted substances and stains from the leather. After the removal of the stains a nourishing was applied to soften the leather. Lastly, the black stains were touched up with a custom matched grey dye.

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