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Valentino Repairs & Restoration

We specialise in Valentino shoe and bag repairs including cleaning, colour refinishing and leather restoration. Please find examples of Valentino shoe and bag repairs below.

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Valentino heel restoration.

Cream grained leather Valentino heels with discolouration on the heelpieces and toes. Usually we don't need to completely redye the shoes for this type of work, just some light touching up or refinishing of the colour and refilling the leather.

#DesignerShoeRepair #valentinoshoerepair #valentinorestoration
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Valentino shoulder bag restoration.

Client brought this bag in with some texta marks on the body (see photo #2) and general wear / discolouration along the top panels. We matched the original Valentino powder pink colour and refinished the leather for her.

#valentinobagrepair #valentinorestoration #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing
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Valentino Garavani heel restoration.

The heels had been been mauled by this customers pup. There was fraying around one of the uppers with a chewed section extending all the way through into the lining. The black leather heel covers had also been destroyed.

We replaced the heel covers before building out the lining / remaking the bitten upper portion of the shoe. We also smoothed and tidied up the worn soles (not perfect but we retained the original Valentino soles)

#designershoerepair #valentinoshoerepair #valentinorestoration

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For those wondering about the 3 missing rockstuds on the chewed upper - we remade the leather portion and attached a few Valentino rockstuds we had in stock.

Do you provide on the spot quotes?

Your work is incredible

Olga Zanetti just in case 😬😬😬

Beautiful work 👍🏼

Wooo amazing job

The best



Brilliant work.

#adellechurch ... you were the first person that came to mind when I saw this..😁...hope you and Steve are both well and having fun

You guys are magicians!


Iraani Mcleod just in case you need it oneday

This reminds me of when you fell down the stairs and broke yours 😂 Cassandra Paroulakis

Thanh Haa

Good to know!

Amber McDonald 👠 place I was speaking about

Stephanie Mihos I think you should hand over your Loubs to these people

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Valentino Heel Restoration

The customer had scratched her Valentino Garvani leather heelpieces. We took apart / unscrewed the heels and re-covered them with a matching black patent leather.

#DesignerShoeRepair #ShoeRepair #valentinoshoerepair #valeninoshoerestoration
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What does this service cost Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs ??

Georgie Packer

Day PK

Katrina Tzirkas

They are the best

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Valentino Garavani insoles recraft.

We added a layer of padding and remade the insoles from a similar black leather. Our customers usually like us to retain the original brand mark for this type of work.

#DesignerShoeRepair #ShoeRepair #insolereplacement #valentinorepair #valentinoshoerepair
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Sophie Friggens you should get a quote from these guys for you YSL bag

Sammi Stavrou

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