Can you Restitch Handbags?

Handbag Stitching Repairs

We’re often asked by our clients whether its possible to restitch loose seams on the body of leather handbags.

Restitching is perhaps the most common handbag repair job our workshop attends to on a day-to-day basis. As well as the body of handbags other types of restitching jobs include the repair of straps, handles, loops and zippers.

In general flat surfaces of handbags such as the external body, inner lining and straps can be repaired with machine stitching. This technique allows for straight lined seams to be created. The stitching pattern can easily be customised with colour-matched thread and evenly spaced to match the handbags design.

Other parts of the handbag such as leather handles and loops often require hand stitching. This is because these seams can’t be accessed with a machine. Hand stitching is completed freehand and therefore more reliant on the skill of the craftsman. This technique is also used for the repair of thicker leathers.

As hand stitching is more complex than machine stitching, the price is often slightly higher for these types of handbag repairs. Regardless of the methods used, we always aim for new stitching to appear seamless with the handbags original design .


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