Leather Restoration

Restorative and Dyeing Services

Our restoration department specialises in treating all types of leather goods from shoes and accessories to leather jackets and luxury handbags. The cleaning agents, nourishing formulas and dyes used by our craftsmen are industrially sourced, as such we can remove stains or odour, strengthen and soften dry leather fibres and restore or change pigments within the leather.


All our restoration services services include complementary waterproofing and conditioning to ensure the leather remains supple and protected after cleaning or dyeing treatment.

Leather Protection

Waterproofing and Stain Resistance

Professionally applied waterproof and colour protection to preserve the leather and guard against water marks, stains and dirt / grime. Several coats of high grade waterproof protection formula are applied to the leather. The item is tested to ensure that any moisture forms beads on the surface. Our waterproofing agents are based on all-natural ingredients and silicon-free, which preserves the complexion and the colour of the leather.


Removal of Marks, Stains and Grime

Leather is a highly absorbent material. Removal of water, dirt, alcohol or oil-based stains often necessitates professional cleaning. Cleaning stained leather requires the substance to be extracted and cleansed with a variety of strong chemical agents. A range of traditional restorative methods are utilised for cleaning suede, nubuck, exotic and smooth leathers. After removal of the stain, the leather is softened with our nourishing formulas and waterproofing is applied to preserve the leather.

See Protection & Cleaning FAQs


Dry Leather is Revitalised

Leather that shows signs of dryness, creases, or cracks 
is revitalised with our nourishing formulas. The leather 
is hydrated and moisturised with a conditioner for smoothness. A nourishing formula is then applied to feed the leather with essential oils and nutrients. This process is repeated several times until the suppleness and durability 
of the leather fibres are restored.


The Finish of the Leather is Restored

A colour refinish for restoring discoloured leather. This 
may occur as a consequence of severe stains, scuff marks or the colour fading naturally over time. The original colour of the leather is matched by combining additives that are adjusted for tone and gloss. When the colour of the dye has been refined, the finish is re-applied. The leather is then nourished to achieve a natural finish and waterproofed for protection.


To a Custom Colour Sample

A service for changing the colour of the leather. Customers may provide their own colour sample. The original colour of the leather is stripped with chemicals before additives are combined that are adjusted for tone and gloss. When the sample has been matched, the finish is re-applied to the leather. The dye is formulated to absorb deep into the pores of the leather and results in a permanent colour change. The leather is then nourished to achieve a natural finish and waterproofed for protection.

See Dyeing & Refinishing FAQs


Cleaning, Refinishing & Dyeing

In addition to restoring leather our specialists have the expertise to work with a variety of materials. This may include satin, fabrics and synthetic leathers. Please refer 
to our FAQs for a detailed overview of the cleaning, restoring and redying processes available for different leathers and materials.

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With over 60 years of experience in restoring and treating leather goods, we offer the most comprehensive leather restoration service in Melbourne. We don’t use paint-heavy spray guns for a more cost-effective job or pre-mixed dyes to save time, all our restoration work is completed by hand with traditional methods and restorative techniques. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

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