Luxury Brand Repairs

Servicing All Designer Brands

Our craftsmen specialise in repairing and restoring the leathers commonly used in luxury items. Special care is taken to uphold the original design and source the same or similar quality materials. Our repair procedures are unique to each item and always carried out with traditional methods of craftmanship. We offer personalised service and bespoke workmanship for all luxury item repairs with the aim of restoring your designer goods to near original condition.

Chanel Repair Services

Chanel are widely revered for the quality of the leathers used in the manufacturing of their designer goods. Combined with timeless designs, Chanel’s success has been due to a strict adherence to the fashion philosophies of their founder Coco Chanel. Owning a Chanel is a guarantee of quality leather, items that can be maintained, repaired and reused. We respect the heritage of the Chanel brand and aim to offer an unparalleled service to restore your favourite Chanel shoes, handbags or accessories.

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Louis Vuitton Repair Services

Instantly recognisable by its monogram canvas, Louis Vuitton is possibly the most iconic luxury brands and has built its reputation on custom crafted leather goods. In an age where mass production is the norm, Louis Vuitton still upholds the value of handmade quality over cheaply manufactured. Known for its exclusive limited edition releases, we know that maintaining your Louis Vuitton is important. We have a tailored service for Louis Vuittons, with a particular focus on treating Vachetta leather and PVC canvases used for crafting these luxury items.

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R.M. Williams Repair Services

An Australian classic, R.M. Williams are a wardrobe staple amongst those who enjoy luxury goods but perhaps have a more conservative taste in fashion. Offering comfort, durability and the flexibility for both casual and formal occasions, R.M.s are an ever popular choice in footwear. The companies legacy is rooted in Australia’s early history and in more recent times has passed onto Louis Vuitton. Our workshop is well equiped to handle all aspects of R.M. Williams boot maintenance including resoling, elastics, linings and insole recrafting, restorative cleaning and colour refinishing.

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