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Chanel is renowned for its use of high quality leathers to complement its timeless designs but these leathers also require the occasional service. We specialise in all types of Chanel shoes, handbags and accessories offering a comprehensive repair and restoration service.

Chanel Logo Restoration

A animal-bitten Chanel, the leather covered logo had been mauled apart by the owner dog who possibly mistook the designer bag for a toy. The leather was flaring outwards, revealing the metallic skeleton underneath. Such significant damage to a central part of the bag left the owner in need of assistance and after consulting the Chanel boutique in Melbourne she was referred to the our workshop.

Inspection of the bag showed that logo could not simply reglued as the leather was destroyed. The damaged leather was therefore removed and stripped from the metallic base. A new section of beige smooth leather was then traced to the dimensions of the original logo. The recrafted leather was carefully applied and the colour was adjusted with a custom matched beige dye.

Chanel Flats Repair

Classic two tone Chanel beige flats with black caps. A versatile and popular choice among women but also very delicate mainly due to the soft lambskin leather upper (easily scratched) and thin leather soles. The proactive customer brought the shoes into the workshop when she noticed the soles and heels starting to wear.

The Chanels were brought in just in time for a service. The leather soles were still intact and did not require replacement while only the top layers on the rubber heels were worn in. Thin profile (1mm) chocolate coloured Vibram rubber was applied to preserve the soles, the leather was then cleaned and the embossed Chanel logo restored, finally new 1/4 heels were custom crafted to match the aesthetics of the shoes.

Chanel Stain Removal / Colour Refinish

A much loved pink Channel clutch, the inside having been stained by an unknown substance. In her panic, the customer had tried to clean the inside herself only worsening the stain and stripping the pink finish from the leather. Having been recommended to Evans by a friend, she brought her beloved clutch into the workshop.

The colour proved tricky to match and needed to be adjusted several times in order to achieve the desired pink finish. Before the colour was re-applied, the stain was smoothed and cleaned to allow the dye to adhere to the leather. The pink finish was then carefully touched up onto the leather. The Chanel was lastly waterproofed with a silicon-free spray to ensure that any future stains would be less likely to absorb and discolour the sensitive pink shade.

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We specialise in all types of Chanel items and leathers including lambskin, caviar, deerskin and quilted calf skin. Please see our list of popular Chanel services below.

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