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A Louis Vuitton accessory is easily noticable by its monogram canvas, which is composed of cotton canvas treated with the plastic derivative PVC or polyvinylchloride. This unique construction makes Louis Vuittons light weight and relatively durable compared to most leather bags. It is therefore unsurprising that cracks or damage on Louis Vuittons almost always appears on the leather trimmings, piping or handles, these parts of the bag are commonly made of Vachetta leather or cows hide.

Before & After | LV Handbag Cracked Vachetta – Reconstruction

This Louis Vuitton travel accessory brought in by a client was a great example of the durability of the PVC treated canvas relative to the leather trimmings. While parts of the aged leather had developed its own unique patina and remained in a repairable condition, the leather piping had completely worn away.


The Louis Vuitton needed to be completely disassembled in order for piping to be replaced.
Cracked, dry and deteriorated there was little chance of the piping being restored. Despite the age of the bag it was unsurprising to see how the canvas had remained largely intact without any signs of wear or degradation. The bag was booked in for a much needed service of the piping, the order also included a restorative clean of the vachetta leather while the canvas only required a surface clean.

The Louis Vuitton After Service

The handbag was carefully separated into its component parts, which involved removing the monogram canvas from the piping holding the bag together. A piece of matching Vachetta leather (cows hide) was selected from our workroom and crafted into the piping segments. What followed was the lengthy process of putting the bag back together, the piping was then stitched with yellow thread to attached the newly made piping to the canvas.


Vachetta Leather Care Guide

At factory condition Vachetta leather should be a a light beige colour, the leather is designed to develop a patina over time as the leather ages. This means the leather will naturally get darker while developing its own unique characteristics. This process cannot be prevented, in particular Vachetta handles will get dark due to grease and oils absorbing from your hands. Vachetta leather should never be dyed or cleaned with the intent of making the leather lighter through stripping away the patina. Non-invasive surface cleaning is often more effective while badly deteriorated handles can always be re-crafted by leather professionals.

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