Specialised Services

Bespoke Services and Speciality Work

We offer a variety of specialised services for repairing, altering and restoring your valuable shoes, handbags and leathers goods. Here you’ll find in-depth information about these services, including detailed overviews of our procedures, materials and service-specific before & after examples. This section aims to profile our specialist work as well as provide our customers with a greater insight into our offerings.

Handbag Restoration & Dyeing

Handbag cleaning, refinishing and recolouring are specialist services offered by our leather restoration department. Over the years this service has evolved from colour changing and custom sample matching to a greater focus on leather restoration work. Particularly for those who purchase luxury handbags that inevitably succumb to general wear, stains and discolouration. Despite changes in the nature of our work, our treatment methods for leather handbags remains based on the same traditional methods and techniques.

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Mens Leather Sole Replacements

Our leather resoling service offers a selection of JR or Italian leather for replacing your high quality leather soles. Although leather resoling is usually not feasible for cheaply made shoes, the repair procedure is almost always worth the investment for those who choose to invest in a well constructed pair of mens shoes. In addition to full leather resoles, we also offer half leather sole replacements as a way of keeping your leather shoes maintained at an affordable price.

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Mens Sole Protection

Half rubber soles still remains the best way of preserving and protecting your leather soles. We stock a variety of Italian imported Vibram half soles, which can be expertly installed onto your leather soles and professionally finished with an edge dressing. Contrary to poplar belief, rubber sole additions do not increase the thickness of your soles due the leather being lightly sanded down prior to the application of the rubber. This allows the rubber to remain flush with the existing soles.

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More specialised services coming soon

Please excuse us while we add more services to this page. In the meantime, please follow the link for a full range of our services and pricing.

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