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The sensitive leathers and materials used in luxury handbags and accessories require professional treatment to restore the complexion or colour of the leather. We specialise in designer handbag cleaning, restoration and redyeing and have over 60 years expertise in rejuvenating, restoring or refreshing old favourites.

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Taking care of your designer handbag is not always easy and we understand that accidents happen. We therefore offer tailored services for restoring your handbag to close to original condition.

Prada Light Stain Cleaning

A classic Prada black tote with chalk white scuffs and some marks on the sides on one side of the saffiano leather. It was unknown exactly how the marks appeared but the owner described how she had used the designer bag everyday and taken good care of the leather, including regular waterproofing and conditioning.

Even with water protection, leather is not immune from marks arising from contact with other surfaces or objects. On closer inspection the marks had not damaged or scratched the leather significantly and only slightly discoloured the surface. The marks were therefore able to be removed successfully with spot cleaning, the leather was also given a routine clean restoring the handbag to its former state.

Marc Jacobs Colour Restoration

Having your new Marc Jacobs shoulder bag pen stained within the first week of use isn’t ideal. Noticing the marks, the owner had attempted to clean the dye with water and a cloth further stripping the finish from the leather. This only worsened the stain with the liquid absorbing into the sensitive leather and resulting in an additional water-mark.

Had the customer brought the Marc Jacobs bag in without attempting DIY a touch up of the marks may have been sufficient to restore the leather. The leather was destroyed however, and necessitated full restorative treatment including cleaning and colour refinishing. The handbag was also unable to be partially restored due to the nature of the stain and type of finish of the leather.

Furla Denim Stains

Wearing your light-coloured handbag with blue denim greatly increases the risk of getting colour transfer onto the leather. This unfortunate customer learnt this important lesson the hard way with her Furla cream handbag succumbing to several blue stains. The discolouration actually occurred over a prolonged period with the customer describing how she only began to notice the marks after a few months of wear.

Although colour refinishing was recommended, one of the customers concern was the effect of the dye on the grain of the leather. Would the dye cover the texture and ruin the character of the handbag? The treatment itself involved light layers of pigment being re-applied to the handbag in order to recolour the blue denim stains. As promised, this allowed for the beige finish to be restored while preserving the grain of the leather.


An old-favourite Prada handbag used many times over the years. Structurally, the handbag was well looked after and required no significant repairs. Unfortunately, as is common with lighter tanned leathers, the cream colour had begun to develop a browny complexion. A few blue pen marks were also found on the leather.

The condition of the leather was still intact apart from the discolouration. It was determined a refinishing or dyeing procedure would offer best results. The handbag was re-dyed with the customer selecting a mulberry sample rather than the original cream colour. Re-dyeing was deemed more practical due to the leather being less prone to stains and therefore providing a longer lease of life to the handbag.


A much loved pink Channel clutch, the inside having been stained by an unknown substance. In her panic, the customer had tried to clean the inside herself only worsening the stain and stripping the pink finish from the leather. Having been recommended to Evans by a friend, she brought her beloved clutch into the workshop.

The colour proved tricky to match and needed to be adjusted several times in order to achieve the desired pink finish. Before the colour was re-applied, the stain was smoothed and cleaned to allow the dye to properly adhere to the leather. The custom mixed pink dye was then carefully touched up onto the leather. The Chanel was lastly waterproofed with a silicon-free spray to ensure that any future stains would be less likely to absorb and discolour the sensitive pink shade.

Chanel Lambskin Restoration

While lambskin leather has a beautifully soft texture and smooth appearance, the leather is highly susceptible to scratches and stains. This customer’s lambskin Chanel was brought in worse for wear. The original pink colour had faded and there was a noticeable stain that ran across the top flap of the bag.

The Chanel bag required a full colour refinish to restore the discolouration and stained areas. A custom matched pink dye was carefully applied to the delicate lambskin leather. This included the leather woven through the links on strap.

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Melbourne’s most trusted company for handbag cleaning, dyeing and restoration work since 1956. We don’t use spray guns for a more cost-effective job, or pre-mixed dyes to save time. All our leather work is completed with traditional preparation methods and application techniques. We’re realistic about the success of any treatment and aim to provide you with an understanding of the work involved and expected outcome of any restoration work.

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