Mens Leather Soles

Half and Full Leather Sole Replacements

Our collection of Italian imported leather and german manufactured Joh. Rendenbach (JR) soles allows us to offer the finest quality leather resoling service in Melbourne. Our soles are handpicked for quality and varying thickness allow for custom matching to different styles of shoes. Hand stitched finishes and re-welting services are also available upon request.

JR Leather Soles

Your high quality leather shoes demand only the best materials and JR soles remain the superior leather soles on the market. Crafted with traditional oak-bark ground-tanning process, JR soles are made to be long lasting. The soles are waterproof and extremely abrasion resistant, comfortable to wear and distinguished by its attractive grain and warm, woody colour


Italian Leather Soles

For those who prefer simplicity our plain non-branded premium quality Italian leather soles offer outstanding value and long-term wearability. The leather itself is tanned over an extended period which produces a darker grain and hardened exterior. Offering both durability and flexible design, these leather soles are an excellent all-round replacement option.

Italian Leather Soles


Knowing when you shoes require a leather resole is important in maintaining your shoes and preventing any damage to your feet. We recommend our clients to feel the sole for “sponginess”. Apply pressure to the soles with your fingers, if the soles feel moist or give way easily it may be time for replacement. Any holes in the leather may be another sign that your soles are ready for a change. We also highly recommend sole protection as a long-term solution for preserving and protecting your leather soles.


When it comes to resoling your leather soles, there is the option of replacing the entire soles or half soles only. In many cases it is not necessary to complete a full sole replacement. This is because the main areas of wear are always concentrated at the heels and toes and the mid-sole often remains intact. Many of our clients actually choose to have half soles installed as it is a more cost-effective solution to repairing their shoes.

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With over 60 years experience in shoe repairs, we offer the most comprehensive leather resoling service in Melbourne. Our leather soles are custom matched for style and thickness and professionally installed by our craftsmen. Contact us today for a quote.

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