Mens Sole Protection

Vibram Half Rubber Soles

Our Italian imported Vibram rubber soles offer unparalleled protection for your shoes and are available in a range of styles, colours and thicknesses. Expertly installed with an edge finishing, our protective sole service may also be used to renew or refresh your worn leather soles. If you have a preference let us know otherwise our craftsmen are experts in protective rubber sole-matching.


Vibram Explosion Soles

Specifically engineered for hardwearing footwear such as boots. Explosion soles are only 1.8mm in thickness and offer all-round flexibility, durability and support. The ridged pattern on the soles provides excellent anti-slip protection. Recommended for use with matching Explosion toplift heels.

Colours – Black, Dark Brown and Mid Brown

Thicknesses – 1.8mm

Suitability – Casual Boots

Explosion Soles Black

Vibram Ariel Soles

A refined design offers both aesthetics and sole protection. Ariel soles are 1.8mm in thickness, offer excellent anti-slip protection and durability for mens dress shoes.The mid-sole concentrates the ridges while the toe and bottom portions are composed of a smooth surface. Recommended for use with matching toplift Ariel heels.

Colours – Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown

Thicknesses – 1.8mm

Suitability – Dress Shoes

Ariel Soles Black

Vibram Designer Soles

The thinnest variety of rubber half soles. Vibram designer soles are only 1mm thickness but still offer excellent durability and anti-slip resistance. Available in a wide variety of fashionable colours, these thin profile soles offer unparalleled protection for your luxury shoes.

Colours – Black, Honey, Beige, Red, Dark Brown, Med Brown, Light Brown, Orange, Purple, Green and White.

Thicknesses – 1mm, same colours also available in 1.8mm

Suitability – Luxury Dress Shoes

Designer Soles Black

Cristian Louboutin Red Soles

Vibram Tartar Soles

We’re excited to add Vibram Tartar soles to our collection of mens protective soles. These soles are suitable for larger mens dress shoes and are 1.8mm in thickness. The chequered pattern offers slip-resistance while providing an up-market and slightly retro look to the soles. Recommended for use with matching toplift Tartan heels.

Colours – Black

Thicknesses – 1.8mm

Suitability – Dress Shoes

Tartar Soles Black

Vibram raptor soles

Very soft rubber with a claw-like pattern hence the name Raptor soles. These soles offer unparalleled 360 degree grip for casual boots and are specifically designed for outdoor use. Also suitable for walking on ice or snow. Recommended for use with matching toplift raptor heels.

Colours – Black

Thicknesses – 4.5mm

Suitability – Casual Boots

Raptor Soles Black

Vibram Sebastian Soles

A new self-cleaning / non-stick design which is predominantly for shoes that require extra grip. The twirl pattern while not mainstream offers unique aesthetics and practical advantages. Recommended for use with matching toplift sebastian heels.

Colours – Black

Thicknesses – 3.5mm

Suitability – Casual Shoes

Sebastian Soles Black

Vibram Maxi Die-cut

Compact soles, made with soft rubber and designed for comfort. The rock pattern is best suited for casual boots or shoes that require a sports look. Recommended for use with matching toplift Maxi Die-cut heels.

Colours – Black

Thicknesses – 3mm

Suitability – Casual boots, some dress shoes

Maxi Die-cut Soles Black

Any Queries about Sole Protection?

We offer the most comprehensive sole protection service in Melbourne with a wide range of Vibram protective soles suited to all types of shoes. Get in touch with us to find out more about our protective sole varieties or request a quote.