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Located only 2km from our heritage workshop in the CBD, South Melbourne remains one of our most popular service regions, particularly among retail outlets in Clarendon Street. We collect, restore and return your shoes to your pick up location after service.


Can you get leather shoes resoled somewhere in Melbourne? This customer was skeptical he would find a cobbler able to do the work on his Crocket & Jones black dress shoes. He even looked into the possibility of sending the shoes back to the UK for a service but was reluctant to pay the cost. After being recommended to Evans by another retailer he enquired about the possibility of a full leather resole.

While completely resoling leather shoes is not always necessary and many clients opt for a rebuild / half rubber sole protection, some prefer the aesthetics of leather soles. To match the quality of the shoes, a pair of gold embossed JR oak-tanned leather soles were selected for the repair process. The worn soles were removed from the uppers and the cork filling within the shoe cavity replaced. The new soles were hand stitched from the inside, the soles installed, smoothed and matching 1/4 JR heels added to finish the work.


There is something utterly enticing about the Cristian Louboutin red lacquered soles, a wardrobe staple amongst women with an interest in luxury heels. Unfortunately as this woman found, once exposed to the pavement it does not take long for the red pigment to fade as the leather soles gradually wear down. This created a predicament for the customer.

To paint, resole or protect? Smoothing and re-dyeing the leather would offer an aesthetically pleasing finish, but the soles would eventually wear again. As the customer had already invested a significant amount, she opted for a more long-term solution. A section of 1mm colour-matched Vibram rubber was crafted and carefully adhered to the thin leather, the soles were then finished with a black edge dressing – the process seamlessly restoring and protecting the soles.

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For a more comprehensive overview of our shoe repair, cleaning and restorative services including costs please refer to our shoe repair or designer shoe repair service pages.

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We accept orders by Drop Off at our heritage workshop, Postal Orders from anywhere in Australia and also offer a Pick Up and Delivery Service for our Melbourne clients.

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Established for over 60 years our three-level heritage workshop and shopfront is located at Shop 50, Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street Melbourne.

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With over 60 years as an established destination for Melbourne’s shoe repairs, all our cobblers are professionally trained within our workshop. We offer all aspects of shoe repairs, alterations and restorative work on leather. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

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