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We offer a pick up and delivery shoe repair, alteration and restoration service for our Southbank Clients. We stock a variety of high quality materials and leathers with our heritage workshop only located 1km away across the Yarra river.

Before & After | Southbank Clients, 2018

Take a look at some of the work we completed for our Southbank Clients

Chanel Sole Protection

Classic two tone Chanel beige flats with black caps. A versatile and popular choice among women but also very delicate mainly due to the soft lambskin leather upper and thin leather soles. The proactive customer sent the shoes into the workshop when she noticed the soles and heels starting to wear.

The Chanels were brought in just in time for a service. The leather soles were still intact and did not require replacement while only the top layers on the rubber heels were worn in. Thin profile (1mm) colour-matched Vibram rubber was applied to preserve the soles, the leather was then cleaned and the embossed Chanel logo restored, finally new 1/4 heels were custom crafted to match the aesthetics of the shoes.

Berlutti Half Rubber soles

When you invest in a $15,000 pair of bespoke Alligator leather shoes, preserving both the bottoms and uppers is a priority. A shoe aficionado with a knowledge of shoe care, this customer insisted to the Berlutti store manager to have half rubber soles applied to his newly purchased oxfords. A specific request was made for the soles to be Berlutti branded rather than the Italian Vibram rubber typically applied to new shoes at Evans.

The Berlutti half rubber pre-cut soles had a distinguishing curvature at the base, meaning an arch shaped groove had to be hand cut prior to applying the rubber to the leather. The soles were sanded down a few millimetres to create a bed for the Berlutti rubber before the new half soles were adhered to the leather. The soles were then smoothed and hand finished with an edge-wax.

Craftsmanship & Convenience

A Melbourne institution for over 60 years, our delivery service aims to provide craftsman standards
of workmanship with modern convenience to our clients.

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