Our Philosophy

With over 60 years experience in shoes, handbags and luxury leather goods, we believe that if you love something its always worth repairing. We believe in delivering a unique experience, offering creative and custom crafted solutions – that importantly match our customers ideas and preferences of what their items should look like. We exist to repair, alter, restore and
breath new life into your cherished items.

Our Team

Our experienced team of workers have a complementary set of expertise and skills in leather
craftmanship. Our retail staff have served the Evans family for many years and are very
knowledgable on leather care and the services our workshop provides.

Our service

All jobs are explained in-depth and quotes finalised by our staff before
any work goes ahead. We provide live updates on your order status,
which can also be tracked via our website.

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Our Workshop

Spanning the second and third floors of the Royal Arcade, our workshop provides a unique space for our staff to collaborate and refine their work. Split into departments for repairs, alterations and leather restoration work, you can be assured that each aspect of your order is attended to by one of our specialists.