Antique Repairs

Alterations, Cleaning & Restoration

Older leathers are usually of high quality and can often be restored to like-new condition. We offer custom solutions and specialised work repairing or restoring leather antiques. Types of antiques we service include war jackets, traditional doctor’s bags, jewellery boxes, leather bound books, backgammon sets and old-fashioned briefcases.

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We specialise in all types of leather antique repairs, alterations, cleaning and restorative work. We offer unparalleled workmanship, quality materials and personalised service at great value.

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Our craftsmen specialise in all types of
leather repairs and restorative work.

Christian Louboutine Red Vibrams / Sole Protection

Crocket & Jones Leather Resole

Chanel Logo Restoration

Oroton Bag Leather Relining

Gucci Colour Refinish

Prada Handbag Dyeing

Chanel Heel and Soles Repair

R.M. Williams Colour Refinish

Gucci Suede Restorative Clean

Cristian Loubiton Satin Covering

Antique Briefcase Restoration

Ferragamo Sneaker Clean

Florsheim Recraft / Leather Re-Covering

Prada Handles Restoration

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