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Our shoe repairers specialise in all types of shoe repair, cleaning and restoration services. Post your shoe repairs from anywhere in Australia with our online shoe repair service or visit our heritage workshop. Let our team breathe new life into your designer, luxury leather or vintage shoes.

Crockett & Jones Resole

Crockett & Jones Resole

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R.M. Williams Restoration

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Berluti half rubber soles

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Well regarded as the best shoe repairers in Australia for over sixty years, we offer quality craftmanship and bespoke service for your leather shoes. Bring your shoe repairs to our heritage workshop at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne for a personalised consultation or post your shoes from anywhere in Australia.

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We also offer online shoe repairs with our Australia wide postal service. Post your shoes to us with Australia Post and we'll repair and return with fully insured delivery. Send photos to our team to get started.

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We offer a variety of leather shoe services including repairs, cleaning, restoration and colour changes. Our team works with all types of materials such as suede, patent and smooth leathers.

Leather Toe Pieces

The front-portions of leather soles are highly prone to wear. Leather toe pieces are triangular cut sections of leather that are used to rebuild worn toe-portions of shoes. Leather toe pieces are often used as an alternative to resoling or to build up the soles prior to applying rubber sole protectors or metal toe plates.

Sole Protectors (Vibram / TOPY)

Protective soles are a popular sole modification where colour-matched 1mm rubber soles are affixed to the front-half of leather soles. The purpose of the rubber is to provide slip resistance, watertightness and preserve the leather. Protective soles are crafted to be flush with the existing soles and finished with an edge dressing.

Toe Taps / Metal Plates

Toe plates are arch shaped pieces of metal that are used to protect the toe portions of leather soles. We add toe plates or taps (Lulu and Triumph) to leather soles to prevent the soles wearing. The soles are prepped and the steel plates are sunk into the leather with screws. This method allows for the steel plates to remain flush with the soles.

Leather Repair / Resole

We repair or resole shoes with new half or full leather JR soles. The new soles are smoothed, waxed and professionally finished with an edge dressing. Leather shoes can also be resoled with leather toe pieces and sole protectors (TOPYs) or metal toe plates as a more cost-effective repair option.

Vibram Resole / Sole Replacement

We resole shoes with full rubber Vibram soles. This service is available to replace the existing soles with either flat rubber soles or pre-moulded sole units. For pre-moulded soles such as hiking boots, matching or similar sole units may need to be sourced from our suppliers.

Heel Repair / Replacement

Heels are made up of a full layer of rubber or a combination of rubber and leather attached to a heel block. We replace worn heels with matching toplifts or combination rubber / leather heels. If the heel blocks have also been worn in, they need to be built up with leather before the new heels can be applied.

Heel Reattach / Reinforce

We reattach heels that show signs of instability or wobbliness. The unstable heel is temporarily removed. The base of the shoe is sanded and an adhesive or additional reinforcement is applied. The heel is realigned for balance and attached back to the upper.

Heel Replacement

The heel block is often made of stacked layers of material or leather covered with veneer. We replace damaged heel blocks with custom made ones covered with a decorative layer of veneer which, is refinished with a custom matched stain before a new rubber top piece is applied.

Insoles Repair / Replacement

The leather inserts attached to the base of shoes. We replace worn or deteriorated insoles with new insoles cut from a matching section of leather and redyed to replicate the originals. A layer of foam padding is also added to the insoles for comfort and support.

Lining Repair / Replacement

The leather lining spanning the inside of the shoe is susceptible to wear and tear over time - this is usually from sweat and moisture that accumulates inside the shoes. We replace worn, damaged or deteriorated linings with matching leather or material.

Stretching / Alterations

Leather is a flexible material and can be stretched or widened. We stretch shoes with mechanised equipment up to half a size larger. We can also alter shoes or boots by hand to achieve a custom size. This may involve "letting out" the shoe from the upper to relieve tight shoes.


We restitch shoes to repair any wear and tear. Our industrial-grade stitching machines are used for straight seams. Hand stitching is often used for thicker leathers. Our wide selection of threads allows for custom matching of thickness and colour for a seamless repair.

Patch / Reinforce

We use a supporting layer of leather to patch any holes between the soles and uppers or tears in the shoes. The new layer of leather is used to reinforce and strengthen the area from an unexposed side.

Hardware Repair / Replacement

We replace lost, missing or damaged hardware on shoes. Examples may include eyelets, buckles and studs. Some hardware is proprietor of certain brands, in such cases our craftsmen can replace the hardware with something of similar aesthetics and quality.

Zip Repair / Replacement

We replace shoe zips with matching zips. A new zip is selected that matches the profile of the original hardware and colour of the fabric and fitted from the inside of the shoe. Providing the original branded zip slider is not damaged, it can be inserted onto the new zip track.

Polishing & Nourish

We polish, nourish and shine leather shoes. The shoes are cleaned of grime before colour-matched Saphir Medaille D'or polish and wax are applied to buff out minor scuffs, scratches and imperfections. An all purpose conditioner is used to restore essential oils and nutrients.


Professional water protection and stain resistance for suede and leather shoes. We only apply high quality silicon-free waterproofing agents that do not change the colour or complexion of the leather while strengthening the fibres and creating a water protective barrier.

Cleaning / Restoration

We clean and removed stains from leather shoes. Our deep cleaning procedure involves removing any marks or stains on the leather with extractive techniques before restoring the surface with cleaning and conditioning agents. If there is any discolouration to the leather, a refinishing or dyeing procedure might be required to restore the colour.

Recolouring / Refinishing

We refinish, redye or recolour leather shoes that are discoloured, scratched or deeply. The dye is custom-matched and the finish is reapplied by hand before the leather is nourished and waterproofed to prevent colour migration.

Dyeing / Colour Change

We recolour or redye shoes to a completely new colour. The original finish of the shoe is stripped before the new dye is applied. Our dyes are applied by hand as opposed to spray gun application for a more natural and refined finish to the leather that preserves the original character.


We specialise in all types of leather shoe repairs, alterations, cleaning and restorative work. Please find our full service list and shoe repair costs below.

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