Metal Toe Taps & Plates

A question we’re often asked by our clients is whether metal toe plates or French taps can be added to leather soles as a form of sole protection. In addition what the shoe modification process involves and the types and style of metal plates we have available.


What are Toe Taps or Plates?

Metal toe plates are a type of sole modification whereby metal plates are added to the bottoms or soles of leather shoes. This sole modification is typically completed on mens shoes to prevent wearing of the toe portions of leather soles.

Adding metal toe plates to soles not only looks great on goodyear welted or stitched soled shoes but adds unparalleled durability to the most wear-prone portion of leather soles – the toes. As such metal plates are typically applied to leather soles for both aesthetic and protective purposes.

There are two types of metal toe plate options. The first option is a type of toe plate that sits on top of the leather sole and acts as an additional layer. The second option is a type of toe plate that is indented into the leather and sits flush with the existing sole.

The flush metal toe plate is often seen as superior as it doesn’t compromise the original structure of the shoes and adds aesthetic appeal. This option requires the toe-portions of the leather soles to be slightly taken back before screwing in the metal plates.

Toe Plating Service | Lulu & Triumph

The types of toe plates our cobblers add to leather soles include Lulu and brass Triumph plates. Lulu plates are arch shaped whereas Triumph plates are trapezoid and made from brass. We can add either style of toe taps / plates to the soles of most leather shoes.

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