Chanel Bag Repairs

Chanel Bag Repair & Restoration

We specialise in Chanel bag repair offering Australia’s most comprehensive luxury bag repair and restoration service. The brand is renowned for its use of high quality leathers to complement its timeless designs we take great care in providing an authentic Chanel repair service.

Examples of Chanel Bag Repairs

We specialise in contemporary Chanel, lambskin and vintage bag repairs offering a wide breadth of services. Popular services include Chanel strap rethreading, chain repair or replacement, replacing hardware such as clasps and screws, fixing locks, cleaning and restoring Chanel leather to original condition.

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Chanel Bag Redyeing

Quilted Chanel beige bag brought in by this customer in a deteriorated condition. There were micro-tears in the leather particularly on the back with general discolouration and staining. We decided to dye the bag to black and recontour the leather to mask the imperfections.

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Great job bringing that bag back to life!

Black Chanel bag restoration.⁠

Side stained and discoloured Chanel bag. We redyed/refinished the black leather to remove the stain and restore the bag to like-new condition.⁠

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing #bagrepair

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -
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Di Keser FYI

Magical as always!

Chanel handbag re-whitening.

A few marks and discolouration on the body of this Chanel white bag. We touched up the colour and added a white dye to the surface before water protecting the leather.

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing #bagrepair
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Anne-Maree Adams


Meaghan Smith !!

Amazing 🤩

Chanel Bag Repair Service

For over 60 years we’ve provided an authentic Chanel bag repair and restorative service for our clients. Visit our Melbourne heritage workshop or if you’re looking for “Chanel bag repairs near me” send your bag to our team via our online Australia post service.

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Chanel Bag Repair Service


Does Chanel offer a warranty on their repairs?

If your Chanel bag is authentic and was purchased from an official boutique it will usually come with a 1 year warranty that covers any manufacturing or structural faults. The Chanel warranty does not cover wear and tear, stains, discolouration or marks to the bag.

Do Chanel repair handbags?

Chanel repair or replace bags which are covered by their warranty meaning that the bags must have manufacturing or structural defects. Chanel will repair some bags (see Chanel repair policy below) either by outsourcing to a trusted local repairer such as our workshop or sending the item back to the manufacturer.

What is the Chanel repair policy?

Customers with authentic Chanel bags not covered by their warranty are referred to the Chanel Fashion After Sales department. Repairs or restorative work for these bags will either be outsourced to a local repairer or sent back to the manufacturer in Paris for larger jobs. The latter is a paid service which typically takes several months.

Do Chanel clean or restore handbags?

If your Chanel bag was not purchased from an authorised Chanel boutique or is more than 5 years old Chanel will not provide any cleaning, refinishing / recolouring or extensive refurbishing services to your bag. Alternatively we offer a professional cleaning and restorative service for all Chanel bags.

Where can I repair my Chanel bag?

We recommend repairing your Chanel bag with a reputable leather repair company such as our workshop as our repairers specialise in luxury and designer bags. Our heritage workshop services hundreds of Chanel contemporary and vintage handbags across Australia offering a wide range of services, quality workmanship and short turnover.

Can you replace or repair hardware on Chanel bags?

We stock replacement parts for Chanel bags and reattach original or new hardware that closely matches the bag. Our craftsmen fix hardware such as locks or clasps and repair or offer replacement screws for Chanel bags. We can also replate hardware with faded metallic.

Can you fix or replace Chanel straps or chains?

We offer a specialised service in Chanel woven strap repairs and replacement. We can replace or restore the leather Chanel straps or replace the metallic chains in which the strap is threaded.

Do you repair or restore vintage Chanel bags?

We offer a comprehensive service for repairing or restoring vintage Chanel handbags. These bags are often sentimental pieces so we take great care in restoring these bags to their original condition. Vintage Chanel bags are usually of better quality than contemporary bags making restoration of even the most aged bags possible.

Do you repair Chanel wallets and accessories?

Yes we repair and restore all types of leather Chanel products including wallets, watchbands, belts and other accessories. Send photos to our team for a quote regarding any Chanel accessories that need repair or restoration.

Do you offer a Chanel bag cleaning service?

Yes we offer a professional Chanel bag cleaning and restoration service for lambskin, caviar and leather. Our team are able to clean, condition, refinish, recolour or restore Chanel handbags to their original condition.

Do you “bag spa” Chanel handbags?

While we offer a Chanel cleaning service our restoration processes are distinct from bag spas. These companies often use a paint heavy technique for redyeing Chanel bags, which give an unnatural looking finish to the leather. We reapply the finish to Chanel bags by hand to get a natural finish and restore the leather to its original condition.

How do I dye my Chanel bag?

We strongly suggest using our professional bag restoration service to redye your Chanel bag. We find many of our clients who attempt DIY work to their Chanel often overcoat the leather with paint or use a dye not suited to the type of leather. The results in a cheap or tacky looking Chanel bag most often characterised by “plasticy” feel to the leather.

Can you repair or restore scratches on lambskin Chanel bags?

Yes we offer a service for restoring or repairing scratches on lambskin Chanel bags. This typically involves either refilling the scratched area and using a combination of refinishing dyes to compeltely restore the condition of the leather.

How much does it cost to repair or restore your Chanel bag?

Depending on your Chanel bag, condition of your bag and complexity of the work required prices may vary significantly. Generally minor repairs such as stitching, handle and strap repairs will be less while restorative work such as refinishing, recolouring and dyeing will be more expensive. Feel free to send a few photos of your Chanel bag to our team for an estimate.

Chanel Bag Repairs Australia

We repair and restore Chanel bags for our customers Australia wide. Send photos of your Chanel bag to our team and get an online quote. Our team can send you a branded postal box with our two-way Australia Post service.
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Patrice Daglis
Sara Mo
Tim Smith
Celine Lampotang
South Yara
So Yeun Hwang
Castle Hill, NSW
Jenna Tran

Customer Reviews

Needed some walking boots repaired (new stitching, patches for splits in leather) but could not find a local repairer in our patch (regional Victoria).Evans were quick to respond to our inquiry, did the work promptly when we posted the boots to Melbourne, and did a good job. Top marks for friendly service and quality workmanship. Thank you!


Tracey Mitchell
Tracey Mitchell2020-10-12

Jenny was very helpful and puts a lot of effort into achieving the best results...I’m very happy with the beautiful job she did with my Gucci 👢 🙏🏼😊

Kirsten Asche
Kirsten Asche2020-10-08

Kate Chen
Kate Chen2020-07-12

Amazing service and super efficient.

Sylvia Teon
Sylvia Teon2020-07-12

Thanks Jenny for the repair to my 10+ year old Fendi handbag - it looks almost as good as new.Very prompt service and good value compared to buying a new one.

Gaye Findlay
Gaye Findlay2020-07-12

Chevoux Chevoux
Chevoux Chevoux2020-07-12

Very Helpul, great service and fantastic overall workmanship.

Max Griffiths
Max Griffiths2020-07-12

Lost hope with some Versace hi tops I’ve had for a while and Evans completely rejuvenated them for a great price and extremely efficient service!

Jay Jones
Jay Jones2020-07-12

I cannot recommend Evans highly enough. They replaced a defective zip on a boot, matching the other perfectly and using the original zip pull. Evans is more expensive than other shoe repair places in town, but for good reason. If they can't do it, it can't be done.

Carolyn Fraser
Carolyn Fraser2020-06-12

We had my leather coat altered and were extremely happy with the result. The owner was very professional a family run business which we cannot recommend highly enough. Good in depth knowledge of their craft.

Garry Mitchell
Garry Mitchell2020-05-12

Excellent customer service, fast turnaround, shoes restored to as good as new!

Justine Diamond
Justine Diamond2020-05-12

Wow: what a fabulous experience! Congratulations to Jenny and the team at Evans. The sad story was I'd fallen out of love with a beautiful, rugged leather jacket I bought a few years back while on a ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Loved the jacket, but back home the cotton lining - well, it just felt, meh. And so the jacket languished. Fast forward to now, and Evans replaced the lining with a slinky dark chocolate brown satin, and with a real attention to detail around the seams and pockets and so forth. Love rekindled!! Thank you, Evans!!

John Carruthers
John Carruthers2020-05-12

Excellent service!

Nin Yim
Nin Yim2020-05-12

Mandy Oldham
Mandy Oldham2020-05-12

Halelu Tuji
Halelu Tuji2020-05-12

I was on the point of throwing out a very good bag because the strap was broken and nobody local would or could repair it.I contacted Evans and was delighted when they said it could be repaired. I posted my bag and received excellent service. Not only was the repair excellent but the communication and assistance was speedy and very good.A very prompt and professional customer service. I would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone. Thank you Rvans!

I'd take any shoes I care about here.


Thank you for mending my rare special edition Dr Martens. Your service is impeccable and staff are so lovely. 10/10

Jeanine Orr
Jeanine Orr2020-04-12

Every time I've used Evans I've been so glad I did. The workmanship is superb, the attention to detail, and the attention they give to you as a customer! There's none better in Melbourne!

Nancy Black
Nancy Black2020-03-12

Highly recommend .Excellent customer service. Been a customer for 45 years .Had my wedding shoes covered with material to match my wedding dress . Great "cobblers "

Lynn Baker
Lynn Baker2020-03-12


Julie Warburton
Julie Warburton2020-03-12

I take my Oroton handbags to Evans for waterproofing as soon as I buy them. My everyday bag is still in near perfect condition a year later.

Carlee Deigan
Carlee Deigan2020-03-12

Shoe: Visvim FBT Undercover x Fragment Design.Great customer service starting with an initial face to face consultation and evaluation. Clear presentation of costs and production timeline.I was updated with progress made throughout the entire restoration project lifecycle until finish. Thanks again to Tanya.

Aaron U
Aaron U2020-03-12

One of my favourite 2 year old Doc Martens boots developed a split in the leather upper - Evans mended it so invisibly that I now can’t see which side was damaged. Beautiful work - thanks.

Melissa Gilmour
Melissa Gilmour2020-02-12

I’ve now taken three Chanel handbags to the team at Evan’s and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I only wish I had take a before picture to show the state of the leather and the workmanship the have done. This image is after and the bag looks brand new (as do the others)!The staff are also very knowledgeable and explain how to take better care of your leather products.Thank you team!

Bella Grand
Bella Grand2020-02-12

Upfront and honest about what it would take to restore leather bag. Professional, outstanding customer service by Tanya - even followed up with a call on quote. Will not hesitate to recommend or return to get leather repaired or restored

Excellent and friendly service. A pleasure to do business with.

Henry Gillespie
Henry Gillespie2020-02-12

Amazing Staff & Amazing Service !!Highly recommend.

Tabitha Borg
Tabitha Borg2020-01-12

Great service, great workmanship. Glad I found this place.

Virginia Brumby
Virginia Brumby2020-01-12

John Letchford
John Letchford2020-01-12

I bring my luxury shoes here (4-5 pairs already) and am always really happy with the outcome. Their quality is seamless! Their prices are more expensive than the average cobbler, but worth it for items I've already paid a lot of money for in the first place.

Michelle -
Michelle -2019-12-12

Have been having my shoes repaired here forever. Great service and such a cute little shop.

Stacey Murray
Stacey Murray2019-12-12

Great service and qualityQuite quick -4 day turnaroundBoth shoes repaired and look brand new

Great service and very efficient. Superb craftsmanship will definitely come back.

Cory-dean West
Cory-dean West2019-12-12

Elegant and welcoming store stocked with quality products. The staff are down to earth and were very willing to share their knowledge with me. Left the store with all my needs met feeling rather satisfied.

Jack Rowe
Jack Rowe2019-11-12

As usual, excellent and very prompt service from Evans, and high quality materials used. One other thing I like about Evans is that if you ask for advice on shoe care, it’s always very helpful.

Kevin R
Kevin R2019-10-12

So good to have genuine good old service with a smile. Work on shoes and boots are excellent.Lionel

Aus Sabu
Aus Sabu2019-10-12

Over 30 years ago, as a teenager I inherited a custom made pair of cowboy boots from my father..I've worn them continuously on countless adventures and misadventures and loved them dearly.. But they were dirty, really dirty and showed their age.As a prime example of the merit of buying quality once I figured they deserved to be restored properly and professionally. Enthused by words such as, cleaned, nourished and restored I agreed to most every option and paid over $1000..(!!)While dirty and scuffed the boots carried a patena that told a story. Retaining the character was specifically discussed, with reference in particular to the top of the boots that were beautifully uneven but natural and not as worn.I'll skip the bit about it taking over 5 weeks longer than told and the weekly request for updates. Then told they were posted and seemingly lost in the post. (tracking code registered as delivered but didn't turn up until over a week later).So when they finally arrived I was beside myself with excitement and relief that they weren't lost in transit..When I opened them I pretty much just wanted to have a bit of a cry.I feel like I've sent an antique timber table off for beeswax and oil restoration and they've said..Here you go we painted it Brown.A thick layer of matt baby-poo brown to be exact...Instead of telling the story of life it looks like a pair of cheap and nasty probably fake leather boots..I don't even know what to say to them. I actually wonder whether it was deliberate punishment for 'harassing' them with weekly requests for updates after the due date ..I had a bit of trouble finding a before shot, but what do you think, $1000 to change this to that?There's a picture of the inside of the boot where you can see the beautiful original fawn tones of the leather...UPDATE - To be fair they are trying to contact me, but I just don't know what to say to them.I'm not saying don't use this company, they're clearly good at some things. Just make sure you have your expectations matched to what they can and can't do. We did discuss the patina and character of the leather before hand so I'm confused about the comments on dying now. I was under the impression the dying before after would look more like the jacket on their website examples.My disappointment is that it looks more like thick paint that what I imagine as 'dye'. Up close it barely looks like real leather. I thought nourished and hydrated would improve the leather from within and dyeing would be a rich polish like finish. It just isn't.The boots were dilapidated, and maybe in trying to make them look 'new' an ugly masking approach was taken. But we talked in detail about the boots, I never expected to look new, I just wanted them to last longer and look more presentable, faults and all.Had they checked in with me at points along the way and given me input on options we might have had a different outcome. Because the outcome does not reflect the original discussions we had.I won't address the delays (got the email trail) as that is a secondary issue, but suffice to say it was substantially longer than every indication along the way.UPDATE 2Discussion have progressed and Jenny is genuinely intent to make good. The boots have been sent back after long discussions and recap of what was actually expected. I can commend them on their positive attitude towards the issue and lack of defensive mindset.I'm changing my rating from 1 to 3 in anticipation of a good second attempt.FINAL UPDATE - To their credit they took them back and did a solid job of restoring them to the way that was discussed and expected. It was a traumatic experience, but they do have the skills. I'd jut make sure that your wants and expectations are outlined precisely in the first instance.

Jono Emblin
Jono Emblin2019-10-12

Very friendly knowledgeable staff member- happy to recommend to potential customers. Sue E 👵🏻🌺

Sue Evans
Sue Evans2019-10-12


Jillian Keetley
Jillian Keetley2019-10-12

Quality of work to fix a satchel was first rate

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart2019-10-12

better than new. Very happy with professional service and prompt work. The workmanship on the repair is better than the original. highly recommended

John Embleton
John Embleton2019-10-12

Thanks so much for the excellent job done on my aged Baxter boots. My feet and I look forward to another 20 years of comfort.

Evans did a really nice job of applying good quality sole protectors and also building up the heel and front of my shoes where they had worn down from wear. The shoes look new again. Very helpful and pleasant staff and fast service. You get what you pay for.

Lois Thornton
Lois Thornton2019-10-12

After a not so good experience Evans support team go in touch and resolved things quick smart. If this was the experience from the beginning this would be a 5 star review. I would have given a 3.5 but couldn't so 4 it is.Thanks team for resolving things as you did.

Shimon Goldberg
Shimon Goldberg2019-10-12

I’m so thrilled I took my water logged louboutin wallet to Evans. They restored it to as new condition. I was worried about it, but they did such a magnificent job!! And the service was first class throughout, and finished a week earlier than quoted. Would highly recommend for all works to designer goods, so impressed.

Elinor Moshe
Elinor Moshe2019-10-12

Everything was easy and professional. I had my arms shortened by 8cm on my leather jacket and it is perfect.

Randall Keasler
Randall Keasler2019-10-12

Excellent customer services. You will get email and text updating on the progress of your service. Quality of the work is great too. I had protective soles and water proof done on my leather ballet flats. They look fantastic!!! Highly recommended

Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen2019-10-12

Anton Panteleev
Anton Panteleev2019-10-12

Very professional service for leather repair.

Both the girls are so helpful, offering advice on any item.

Helen McKenna
Helen McKenna2019-10-12

Great knowledgeable service shown by the staff. Repairs done quickly and within the time frames provided on paving the order.

Michael Camplin
Michael Camplin2019-10-12

Friendly courteous staff.Uses good material.Sole - really nice finish.Restorative clean - very nice finish.Efficient service.

David Mah
David Mah2019-10-12

janie rose
janie rose2019-10-12

Fabulous service.All staff I dealt with really knew about shoe repairs.The actual repair (full resolve) was extremely well done - real craftsmanship.I feel very confident about the quality repair and excellent staff.Worth the money.

Leni May
Leni May2019-10-12

Excellent, fast and professional turn around. Don’t waste your time or money going anywhere else!

James Freer
James Freer2019-10-12

Excellent repair, even though tricky, and professional and friendly customer service.

Andrew Sant
Andrew Sant2019-10-12

Great service cost effective solution and I get my favourite boots back with expert care!

Warren Hill
Warren Hill2019-10-12

Repair of tear in Leather Jacket was done very well and quicker than originally quoted. Not cheap

David Hogg
David Hogg2019-10-12

Great old-fashioned, professional and friendly service. Nothing is too much trouble! Thank you to all at Evans. It is also a wonderful experience to visit your shop and see the old world charm of the spiral staircase and the beautifully-crafted cabinetry.

Lisa Ring
Lisa Ring2019-10-12

thanks - always rescuing my jackets. not the cheapest repair place in melbourne but the best.

My three year old Balenciaga City Bag was looking worse for wear. The stitching had frayed on the handles and the lovely blue colour had faded. I dropped off my bag to Evans and picked it up under 4 weeks later. It has been restored to its beautiful blue colour and the stitching has been repaired perfectly. It also has been carefully cleaned. My bag looks brand new. I would highly recommend and trust Evans for any designer leather goods that need repair. Pricing is at a premium but is justified by the high quality of their work and friendly service. Thank you Evans !

I wen to Evans few years ago and looking for toe plate service, but the lady seemed has no idea what toe plates are. I visit their website today and very happy they can provide the service now. What impressed me most was there were hundreds of shoe laces choices.

BOLIN YU2019-10-12

Fantastic shoe repairs as always.

Simone Carter
Simone Carter2019-10-12

First class service!

Tom Burns
Tom Burns2019-10-12

A tad pricey compared to other places nearby, however the quality was amazing. Very friendly staff and you can feel safe having your more expensive items left behind for servicing/repair. Service was really fast, they told me it could take up to a week but got the text notification 3 days later.

Jessica Glynn
Jessica Glynn2019-10-12

Alan Connolly
Alan Connolly2019-10-12

I have used Evans in order to get quality leather repairs for many years and have received consistent quality workmanship. My mother used Evans before me.

Nan Brown
Nan Brown2019-10-12

This shop has a beautiful old world feel inside the Royal Arcade and the finishing on repairs is sublime. They gave me a better heel than new and cleaned up a roughly attached topy while they were at it!

J PO2019-10-12

Brilliant service and great job!

Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen2019-10-12

Did a great job on an ugly stain on my suede jacket. Expectations were low but you can now barely tell at all. If its a nice item, the price of service is worthwhile - on the expensive side of things but you absolutely get what you pay for.

Leigh Sherman
Leigh Sherman2019-10-12

The service was very friendly and efficient and speedy and I have already recommended Evans to my son.

Yvonne Barrow
Yvonne Barrow2019-10-12

A step back into old world tradition and service. Dearer than other shoe repairers possibly but the work is exceptional and they use genuine Vibram products. The front desk is very welcoming and knowledgeable and you can trace the progress of your repair on your customary electronic device. Plus, you get a genuine "Evans" shoe bag (cloth) to carry your favourites home in.

Barry O'Connor
Barry O'Connor2019-10-12

Had my pair of Crockett and jones soles repaired and fitted with metal tips - pretty awesome job - much better value than a complete factory re-last. Nice to see Evans using the JR soles - pretty high quality materials and the finishing looks great.

Ralph Nunes
Ralph Nunes2019-10-12

I myself have been in customer service over 18 years and learnt from these guys on how to provide great personalised service to customers. Much appreciated.

Moe Seedat
Moe Seedat2019-10-12

Thái Hòa
Thái Hòa2019-10-12

I had just bought an LV belt that i loove and heard about the quality work and how the customers treasured the work of Evans. So i went to get some extra holes for my belt as it was slightly too big, although customer service was great, the holes made on my belt was not in line with the original holes of LV which did make me quite upset, couldn't really do anything though as they had already been done.

June L
June L2019-10-12

arthur morgann
arthur morgann2019-10-12

I can’t recommend these guys enough!Excellent service and knowledgeable, friendly staff.They brought my favourite shoes back from the brink of destruction and are now basically like new. Will bring all shoe repair work to them from here on in.

Nick Nikolareas
Nick Nikolareas2019-10-12

Gemma Gray
Gemma Gray2019-10-12

I was very happy with my experience at Evans. Upon bringing in my absolutely destroyed pouch to be restored, I had a lovely chat with Jenny I believe, who was very knowledgeable. The service I received was excellent.I knew it was going to be expensive as per other reviews and the state of my pouch, but it was definitely a lot more than expected. I knew I could easily buy a new one, but this had been a gift that I didn't want to just replace.In all honesty I couldn't remember the exact colour when I initially received it, so was happy for Evans to re-dye as they saw fit. It is slightly different to the original (funny how you remember after it's all been done) but I expected this and am still over the moon with the colour, it has a much fuller colour and depth to the original which was more of a marbled look.

Anna Vo
Anna Vo2019-10-12

Exceptional service, the sort of place that makes you look forward to when you'll have to go back.

Rohan Carroll
Rohan Carroll2019-10-12

Xavier George
Xavier George2019-10-12

Great service and professional finish. Definitely will come back for my shoes and bags repair.

Leilani Wang
Leilani Wang2019-10-12

I took a pair of RM Williams classic craftsman to get a Vibram sole put on it. Completed in 2 days. The customer service is what you would expect. Professional.

lithgow c
lithgow c2019-10-12

Did not purchase anything but their advice on how to clean my Suede shoes was excellent. Highly recommend.

Yaniv Meyer
Yaniv Meyer2019-10-12

I took and old leather jacket for reconditioning, the service and knowledge and result were all exceptional. Beautifully reconditioned without affecting the character of the jacket.I couldn't recommend them enough.

Edward Burch
Edward Burch2019-10-12

An incredible institution. The expertise is second to none. I was completely overjoyed when l found out that Evan’s could fix my old glomesh bag handed down by my mother. Is there anything they can’t fix??

Debbie Argy
Debbie Argy2018-10-12

Professional and friendly staff in a wonderful little shop did great work. It was clear they knew what they were talking about

Ryan Aun
Ryan Aun2018-10-12

Went there for protective sole for my new leather shoes. Price was reasonable and quality of work is fantastic. Wish I found this place earlier the staff are also very friendly.

Jin Wei Lee
Jin Wei Lee2018-10-12

Very happy with the re-heel and re-sole of my Louboutins!

Janelle Boyton
Janelle Boyton2018-10-12

The quality of craftsmanship at Evans is unequalled. Be prepared to pay for this level of quality. A loved leather bag I'd previously had repaired destroyed the handle. Evans repaired it to the original state with a stronger handle.

Gary Ferguson
Gary Ferguson2018-10-12

Great customer service!

Jeneya Savage
Jeneya Savage2018-10-12

High quality products with a focus on getting to know the customers personal needs, only main criticism is it's on the pricey side.

Ali G
Ali G2018-10-12

Evans done a fabulous job of dying my white leather wedding shoes which had accidentally became marked before the big day. Really fast turn around and lovely customer service - thank you!

Sasha Lamb
Sasha Lamb2018-10-12

Shoddy quality and no responsibility.I had rubber heals installed and they developed a squeaking sound. Went to the store and they would not repair. Only lasted 3 months.I have since been contacted by the shop and they have resolved the issue. I will put this down to one bad staff member rather than the whole store. I will be happy to go back.


I've been taking my leather shoes to Evan's to be re-soled for years. I'm always super impressed with the quality of the work.

Ami Bateman
Ami Bateman2018-10-12

CW Lee
CW Lee2018-10-12

Nguyen Jessica
Nguyen Jessica2018-10-12

Very warm, helpful and kind service 😊Finding the right matching laces for my favourite yet quite ordinary shoes was an adventure that led me from one shoe store to another and another...disappointment slowly solidifying into resignation. Until today.

Andrew Dib
Andrew Dib2018-10-12

High quality workmanship. Fast and friendly service. Had my shoe hand stitched after the sides’ lines snapped (personally valuable pair of shoes). Used a multilayered thread very close to original; barely notice any difference!. Also best value compared to nearby shoe repairers. Highly recommend for similar jobs for sure.

Workmanship is outstanding. The front of store team at Evans were fabulous and nothing was too much trouble.Not cheap but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for 👍👍

Anonymous User
Anonymous User2018-10-12

True masters at their craft!

Best service. Also, I could not have imagined my shoes turning out so well. Thank you!

Excellent service and premium customer experience. Would highly recommend.

Jamie Nicholson
Jamie Nicholson2018-10-12

Did a perfectly fine job at applying a new protective sole to leather shoes but outrageously expensive at $65. Shop around as on a simple job you can get the same quality work for half the price elsewhere in the CBD.

Evans do quality work - they can generally be relied upon to give good service. However, their prices are exorbitant. $35 to have my stilettos re-healed? Most other shoe repair shops charge about $20. I recently asked for a quote to have my handbag handles replaced - they quoted $300 (almost as much as the cost of the whole bag) for leather handles. I went elsewhere and was quoted $50 for leather handles. The salespeople are very friendly and nice so I dislike having to give them this less than glowing review.

Freshcookies 21
Freshcookies 212018-10-12

Debbie Callaway
Debbie Callaway2018-10-12

Paul Cohen
Paul Cohen2018-10-12

Old fashioned service and old fashioned (and therefore, detailed) attention to workmanship. Top address but reasonable prices. There are many famous cities in the world that don't have such a handy place to give life back to ones treasured leathergoods.

Victor Steiner
Victor Steiner2018-10-12

Adrian Bezzina
Adrian Bezzina2018-10-12

Was thoroughly impressed with the end to end service at Evans. Very friendly staff, competent and fast turn around. I'd highly recommend using them. They seem honest and understand quality craftsmanship. I'll be back sooner than later.

Wei Wang
Wei Wang2018-10-12

Helpful and friendly repairs.

Graham Rodda
Graham Rodda2018-10-12

This place rocks for it’s fair pricing and the boss man is old School and let me take my repaired heel and go back to pay cash.


Bought 2 pairs of RM Williams and without compromise to quality both pairs had protective soles put on them .The quality of workmanship was outstanding, the staff were really friendly and helpful and the system of customer notification faultless.Also has my daughters baby shoes bronzed here a few months ago - don’t think there is anywhere else in Melbourne that does this - fabulous result .My family has used Evans since the. 1960’s when the original Evan was their neighbour and we could drop off in Noth Caulfield . Could not recommend more highly after nearly 60 years of being a customer.

Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers2018-10-12

Evans were lovely to deal with and fixed my bag up perfectly :)

Cait Ghiller
Cait Ghiller2018-10-12

I like how Evans underpromised and overdelivered. I gave them two pairs of shoes to work on and this is how they turned out:1. Favourite Studded Leather Boots:Very impressed with how they've managed to turn my absolutely worn-down, wine-stained and ripped leather boots into a very presentable pair of staple boots. The dents in the leather were initially very noticeable and ugly, but they've managed to reduce it to such an extent that unless you pick the shoes up and know where to look, you can barely detect it. They've done some amazing re-sole work too. I don't know what my feet are made of, but I've managed to wear the heel and front soles down completely. The rubber soles are such a treat to walk in.2. Leather Stilettos:Rubber soles and cleanly re-done heels. It looked sharp and sturdy. Anyone who's ever worn a pair of stilettos will know that you need grip and good padding, or you might as well not walk. I cannot wait to deck these out again now that it's getting warmer.I needed these done ASAP when I went in last Sunday--no later than Thursday evening. Sarah promised me Thursday morning. Guess what time I got my shoes back? Tuesday evening.Bottom line: you will be forking out a bit of money. Can't lie about this--my two jobs were not in any way economical, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. I'm not a reviews sort of person, but I respect businesses that don't promise customers the world or try to say things to make them feel better but delivers better than what you expect in actual quality.

Serene Zhang
Serene Zhang2018-10-12

Outstanding service

Vas Maroulis
Vas Maroulis2018-10-12

Quality work, quality service. Can't ask for more. Thank you Evans!I brought in a Dainese motorcycle jacket for repair to replace the main zipper. Job was botched by another provider.

clovis rainford
clovis rainford2018-10-12

Complex job was well done, simple jobs over charged and messed up 😑 They stained the base of my boots, had to bring them back. The fact that I had to point it out, bring them back and recollect them was disappointing, as I expected attention to detail given the reputation and price.They did a really good job on my beloved flats that needed a lot of love. But the simple job of my boots could've been done better elsewhere for half the price and half the hassles! Although they have removed the stain I am concerned about how the spot treatment will impact the way the boots wear and age...I am glad I brought my flats here but wish I had of brought my boots elsewhere

ailee rose
ailee rose2018-10-12

Iver Lynne
Iver Lynne2018-10-12

Amazing quality service and restoration of my wife's handbag - absolutely like a new handbag again, from a very neglected state. The photos speak for themselves. Very highly recommended

Needed a quick repair on some boots while on a layover. The folks were very helpful and did the fix in a very short time. Even offered me coffee from the shop next door. Enjoyed visiting with Mr. Evans, who started the shop 63 years ago.

Barry Byrne
Barry Byrne2017-10-12

My pink leather heels were worn out. Their colour doesn't match any shoes polish available through general retail so I had them restored at Evans. The results are amazing!My heels look brand new!I also got them to clean my Leather/suede handbag that I spilt a latte into when it was open! They cleaned the coffee stained mess perfectly and applied leather protection to hopefully prevent further damageEvery thing was restored by hand, the attention to detail is obvious. I recommend Evans for anyone who wants their high quality leather items repaired/preserved

Jenny S
Jenny S2017-10-12

I came into Evans needing new heel tips on my favourite pair of high heels. They did them on the spot and they look good as new. I would never consider going anywhere else after coming to Evan's - thank you so much! I highly recommend Evan's services to anyone intending to go there!

Olivia Wood
Olivia Wood2017-10-12

Great selection of shoe laces and super friendly staff!

I came in with my favorite pair of shoes almost destroyed at the heel. I had tried fixing it myself the night before but just made it worse. The leather was coming apart and little button on the bottom falling off. I went into the repair shop with 15 minutes left on my break and they instantly fixed them! it cost $25 and they are as good as new. Highly recommend this place ! fantastic service, efficient and really friendly !

Always professional and kind 🙌


The repair in here is amazing. Dennis able to restore a pair of sentimental value shoes to me!

bored boy
bored boy2017-10-12

I don't normally write reviews but this place was just AMAZING - I completely trashed a pair of suede shoes but thought I'd bring them here just in case there was something they could do (after a friend's recommendation) and they look brand new again!! 10/10 - will definitely be back!

Penny Hook
Penny Hook2017-10-12

Great workmanship and attentive service.

Dennis Chang
Dennis Chang2017-10-12

An unbelievably good repair for a pair of shoes I thought I'd have to throw away.They look like new. Thanks guys, great communication, great service.

Jennie McGrath
Jennie McGrath2017-10-12

Took my boots in to be dyed from brown to black. I was a little hesitant as they were expensive boots & I was worried the dyeing process would compromise the quality of the leather or the colour wouldn't be quite right. Lovely staff, prompt service (texted me the NEXT DAY to say they were finished !!) and I am SO happy with the result. Not only is the colour perfect, but the process has actually improved the leather. It's like I have a brand new pair of boots 😊 Would highly recommend this service - thank you !!

LISA Karu2017-10-12

A fantastic little shop for all your leather-related needs. Prompt customer service and quality workmanship.

I had them fix the strap on a leather messenger bag. Amazing quality of work and they turned it around in less than a week. The shoulder strap is stronger than when I first bought it and I know it's going to last me a very long time. STRONGLY recommend them if you need anything fixed!

Luis Murphy
Luis Murphy2017-10-12

Charlotte White
Charlotte White2017-10-12

Great service 😊

Jan Coffey
Jan Coffey2017-10-12

I had a black leather jacket that I've had for about 15 years refurbished and dyed black again. The shoulders and cuffs were fading. They did a great job and I'm really happy with it. It looks like new again. Really happy with their work and they are very friendly to deal with in the shop too.Def'ly go there again for any future leather repairs.

Steve Tanti
Steve Tanti2016-10-12

I paid $45 to get protective soles put on a pair of Luciano Padovan heels I purchased from Myer. Quality of the work was very good, but I am little worried that I overpaid for the job. Seemed a simple enough procedure to stick some rubber on the soles! Admittedly, I haven’t had much experience with these kind of services so may have to shop around next time.

Monique Snyder
Monique Snyder2016-10-12

Very high quality repairs

Very knowledgeable staff, high quality work, definitely worth the price.

Rowan Wagner
Rowan Wagner2016-10-12

highly regarded in Melbourne amongst shoe enthusiasts due to their quality of work. I recently had a pair of ferragamo heels restored here and can personally vouch that they do a fantastic job. For those looking for a bargain you may be disappointed, their work doesn't come cheap. An excellent service for those in the more expensive spectrum of the shoe market.

great work and reasonably priced

judith Cohen
judith Cohen2016-10-12

Came past here for a shoe polish, lady was very helpful and also ended up buying a leather conditioner and horse hair brush. Staff are very knowledgable and give great advice in looking after your expensive shoes / leather items.

Chris Barry
Chris Barry2016-10-12

Helen Kar
Helen Kar2016-10-12

Called me afterwards to see if I was happy with their work - very friendly and helpful.

Alice Crawford
Alice Crawford2016-10-12

some good experiences here, would recommend using evans services

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner2016-10-12

Had my diamante sandals fixed ( no other shoe maker would touch)they ended up looking brand new again.Well worth every cent , Mr Evans you are fantastic. Thanks.

Rose Galea
Rose Galea2016-10-12

I had protective soles put on my loafers here, very pleased with the work.

CK Wood
CK Wood2016-10-12

Evans is one of the few remaining places in Melbourne that does specialty work in leather repairs. I have used their services several times now and high quality workmanship is what you should expect. They have the expertise to accomplish a wide range of jobs. Unfortunately their customer service can be a little hit and miss. Staff seem to lose track of items and a few times I have made the trip into the city only for my items not to be ready on the specified date. Make sure you call ahead.

Xiang Wei
Xiang Wei2016-10-12

Friendly and knowledgeable staff that have beautiful products for cleaning shoes. Haven't tried any of their services, but would trust them.

Doc U.
Doc U.2016-10-12

Char Debenham
Char Debenham2016-10-12

I've had my sandals for 2 years and i absolutely love them so i was devastated when the sole came off. I got my friend to drop them off at Evans and they only took a few days - they were replaced by rubber non-slip soles. They are as good as new! Thanks Evan!

Thank you Mr. Evans for restoring my favorite leather jacket. The price was well worth it. Thank You!

Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore2015-10-12

I brought a jacket in to Evans after a shop recommended them to fix some tears in the leather. The old man I talked to said he would make patches under the jackets lining so they would be less noticeable. I was pleased with the end result, patches were seamless and the only remnants of the tears were a few scars on the leather.Price was reasonable but not cheap, definitely worth getting a quote though.

Sam Whitehead
Sam Whitehead2015-10-12

great repairs

Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly2015-10-12

I had the leather strap for my handbag remade at Evans a couple of weeks ago. Friendly service and as always great attention to detail. Very pleased its usable again!

Tricia Davids
Tricia Davids2015-10-12

A lovely family friendly business! Always love going in and having a chat to Mr Evans. High quality repairs!

Lucy V
Lucy V2015-10-12

I brought my leather bag to Evans because the inner lining had worn out and the colour was fading to a lighter brown. I was told by a lady at the counter that the workers would make a new lining and the colour would be "touched up". I was unsure if the price would be worth it but after consulting with a friend who had used Evans services before I decided to go ahead. After several days I received a text saying my bag was ready for collection and went into the shop for pick up. They had completely replaced the lining and changed the colour back to a darker brown. I was very pleased that the colour change had not ruined the texture or feel of the leather. It was a bit pricey but still highly recommended.

Mike Ross
Mike Ross2015-10-12

Zoe Damman
Zoe Damman2015-10-12

Jessie Morrison
Jessie Morrison2015-10-12

felt a bit like I went back in time coming into this place such a quaint and traditional shop and they did some amazing repair work on my satchel to. also received some good advice about keeping it in good condition. Nice to see places like this still exist.

Amber Robinson
Amber Robinson2015-10-12

These guys are premium. They are expensive but very high quality. I was given very good advice which was verified by an industry veteran. They are true cobblers and hand work these goods. If you buy a pair of $30 shoes from rivers go to Mr minute. If you acctully buy quality goods then these guys are the ones you take your $700 sendra boots to. Anyone can put a strap on a handbag but if you want a high quality hand made strap that will last for 10 years instead of 6 months then theses are the guys you see.I found some staff helpful and spent 20minutes talking about how to care for my leather goods.

Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson2015-10-12

I had my swiss leather boots re-soled, sewed and polished and work was done to an extremely high standard. They looked better than they had new. The job only took 3 working days and staff kept me updated throughout, they could tell how much the boots meant to me! Would 100% go back with any leather work I need doing and recommended it to family and friends.

Alice Coates
Alice Coates2015-10-12

Evans were great. They managed to revive one of my old pairs of R.M. Williams boots that I was certain had passed their used by date. Not sure what type of process they used to the treat the leather but their almost unrecognisable. Completely brought back the colour and shine so they look like new again. The lady I spoke to there was quite adamant they could do the job, still very impressed with how well they actually turned out. Cheers guys, Robert

Robert Stone
Robert Stone2015-10-12

I have used Evans' services a few times over the years and my experiences have been good and bad. While they do a great job and there is no doubt that their focus is on the quality of the work, they falter with customer service.Evans would benefit from giving their customers greater transparency with a price guide. You can easily feel like you are being taken for a ride when the price for a difficult task on once occasion is then the same amount quoted for a simple job on the next.It's also a good idea to call ahead and check if your items are ready on the day they have specified for pick up, as in my experience they do not notify you if there is a delay.Evans need to loose the attitude and stop inferring that if you question why something costs what it does you or your items are cheap.

Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard2012-10-12

Amazing Restoration. Probably one of the best in town, highly recommended. BUT, price is expensive. Quality is always there at it's best.