R.M. Williams Boot Repairs

R.M. Williams Boot Repairs & Restoration

Australian-made classic boots. When looked after properly its not uncommon for a pair of R.Ms to last a generation. At some stage however, your boots will require some repair work to the soles, heels, uppers or restorative treatment to the leather.

Examples of R.M. Williams Resole & Repairs

As a recommended R.M. Williams repairer we specialise in all types of R.M. Williams resoling and repair services. Popular services including replacing boot elastics, resoling boots with leather or half rubber Vibram soles, repairing stitching or loose seams, patching tears within the uppers and cleaning or restoring the finish of the leather uppers.

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2 years ago

Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs

R.M. Williams re-gusseting. Replacing the overstretched elastics on a pair of leather boots. We're usually given older and vintage R.Ms for this type of repair as new elastics last a long time. ... See MoreSee Less

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I need this done how much will it cost please? Thanks

Shaiha Sulaiman Chloe Ishaq I’m hooked on these shoe and bag repairs 😍

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For over sixty years we’ve provided a trusted R.M. Williams boot repair and restorative service for our clients in Melbourne. Visit our heritage workshop or send your RM boots via our online postal service. Popular service areas include Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide.

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Do R.M. Williams have a warranty on their boots?

R.M. Williams provides a 60 day return period for items from the date of purchase. Items can be returned for a full refund provided they have not been worn, damaged and are in the original packaging.

Do R.M. Williams offer free repairs for their boots?

The only case in which R.M. Williams will offer either free repairs, an exchange or refund will be in the event of a faulty item. This does not cover general wear and tear. For repairs not covered by warranty you’ll need to either use a local shoe repairer or take your boots to an R.M. Williams outlet and they’ll send them to their factory based in South Australia for a quote and repair.

Where should I repair my R.M. Williams boots?

We recommend using a local repairer for your R.M. Williams boot repairs as the official repair service has limited service offerings, is generally more expensive and has a turnover time of up to 2 months. For most our clients who use their R.M. Williams regularly this can be an inconvenience.

How long does it take for my R.M. Williams boots to be repaired?

While the official R.M. Williams service takes 6 – 8 weeks, we offer a quality guaranteed turnover of 1 – 2 weeks depending on how busy our workshop is.

What R.M. Williams repair services do you offer?

We provide all standard repairs such as stretching, reheeling, resoling, gusset replacement and sole modifications (TOPY or Vibram). We also offer restorative leather work including polishing, cleaning, reconditioning, refinishing and redyeing which are specialised services generally not offered by the R.M. Williams factory.

Do you resole R.M. Williams boots?

We resole R.M. Williams with either rubber protectors (TOPY or Vibram), full or half leather soles. Depending on the extent of wear to your soles half rubber sole protectors are often the most cost-effective and long-lasting option for resoling your R.M. Williams boots.

How much does it cost to repair my R.M. Williams?

As our prices tend to be similar to the official R.M. Williams boot repair service, we’ve listed our prices as a guide. We’ve also listed the services not offered by R.M. Williams but available at our workshop.

  • Replace Rubber Heels (Toplifts) $85
  • Replace Heel Units $120
  • TOPY or Vibram soles $150
  • Full Leather Resole $250
  • Replace Elastics $50
  • Stitching & Patchwork $50
  • Insole Recrafting $120
  • Backlining Recrafting $180
  • Polish & Shine $35
  • Restorative Cleaning & Conditioning $150
  • Suede Stain Cleaning & Refinishing $150
  • Colour Refinishing & Leather Redyeing $350


Service Details & Pricing

For a more comprehensive overview of our luxury shoe repair cleaning and restorative services including pricing please refer to our designer shoe repair services page.

Placing an Order

We accept orders by drop off at our heritage workshop, postal orders Australia wide and also offer a collection & delivery service for our Melbourne clients.

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Established for over 60 years our three level heritage workshop and shopfront is located at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

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