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Our workshop services a variety of leather goods including luxury items, unique finds and things of sentimental value. We’re passionate about delivering creative and custom crafted solutions for our clients. Please find examples of our workmanship below.

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Dior wallet restoration

This Dior leather diorama wallet had ink blue ink stains on the flap and body. We recoloured the stained areas with a finish that our team colour matched to the item. We like to apply our dyes with a brush to get a more natural finish and avoid excessive paint build up on the leather.

#diorbagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing
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Such a hard colour to maintain...dyes from denim and general grime would easily transfer

Great job!. How much cost for that work ? I have similar problem with my Dior wallet as well

What a fabulous restoration!!

Great job

Louboutin Sole Protection

Half rubber sole protectors for Louboutin stiletto heels. After Louboutin soles wear in we'll typically add 1mm colour-matched rubber protectors to the soles. This is a popular anti-slip repair option which also extends the life of designer shoes.

#louboutinshoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #Soleprotection
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You can watch how Louboutin rubber sole protectors are added on our youtube

Hi can you gus fix these? My dog,,, 😯

Chanel Lining Recraft and Replacement

Chanel quilted leather bag with wear and tear around the lining and inner surfaces. We remade the lining from a beige leather including all the compartments. We also did our best to preserve the Chanel logo on the flap and silver embossing.

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #bagrelining #BagRepair
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You can also watch the Chanel bag repair on our youtube

I have emailed and no reply



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Louis Vuitton Speedy Restoration

Light rose embossed speedy with the leather fading around the corners and handles. You can see the contrast we're our team have cleaned the handles and added a few layers of a rose matched finish. Bags like this we can refinish the leather in parts rather than a full recolour.

#louisvuittonbagrepair #designerbagrepair #handbagredyeing #handlerepair #louisvuittonrepair
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Wonderful work

Prada Handbag Relining.

We'll often see pleather linings on both fake and authentic brand items. You can see the crumbly leather where the lining has disintegrated. We replaced the lining with a colour-matched leather and used a red wax finish to restore and reseal the edges

#pradabagrepair #handbagrepair #designerbagrepair #BagRepair #bagrelining
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Better than new

Samuel Hastings

Valentino heel restoration.

Cream grained leather Valentino heels with discolouration on the heelpieces and toes. Usually we don't need to completely redye the shoes for this type of work, just some light touching up or refinishing of the colour and refilling the leather.

#DesignerShoeRepair #valentinoshoerepair #valentinorestoration
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