Luxury Shoe Repairs & Restoration

We specialise in all types of designer shoe repair, cleaning and restorative services. Post your items to our designer shoe repairers from anywhere in Australia with our online designer shoe repair service or visit our heritage workshop in Melbourne for a personalised consultation.

Designer Shoe Repairers Since 1956

Trusted by designers, fashionistas and luxury brands we're Australias preferred luxury shoe repairer and restorer. Specialising in all luxury brands including Chanel, Valentino, Louboutin and Prada, we can rejuvenate and restore your luxury shoes to like-new condition. Send photos to our team to get started.

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Designer Shoe Repairs


Recent examples of designer shoe repairs and customer stories from our Facebook page. Learn about the type of work we do, brands we service and the bespoke solutions we provide to our clients based locally and around Australia.

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Gucci Loafers Restoration

Black leather Gucci loafers "attacked" by this customers puppy. This customer posted her shoes from Brisbane to have them restored with us. We recrafted the torn tongue and revitalised the leather with a general redye and reconditioning service.

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Comment on Facebook

I bet the customer is pretty happy with the results. You guys are magicians!

Evans are the best! Every couple of years when we still lived in Melbourne we’d take in our good winter shoes and boots for repair and restoration. Worth every cent. Means that your favourites live on every season and look great.

Beautiful workmanship!

Magic as always!

Virginia Donchos the place in the CBD I was telling you about this morning. ❤️

Someone loved those shoes

Chris Dunn good to know

Amazing work..

Wow! Impressive 👏👏

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Designer Shoe Repair Melbourne

Well regarded as the best designer shoe repairers in Australia for over sixty years, we offer unparalleled attention to detail and service. All our designer shoe repairs are completed at our heritage workshop by our team of experienced cobblers and leather restoration specialists.

Designer Shoe Repair Melbourne

Luxury Shoe Repair Australia

If you're looking for a designer shoe repair specialist near you, we also offer an online designer shoe repair and restoration service with Australia Post. Our shop assistants can help organise your order with fully insured delivery. Send photos of your shoes to our team to get started.

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Luxury Shoe Repair Australia


Bring your shoes to our heritage workshop. We are located at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Opening hours 9am – 6pm weekdays – Saturday. No appointment required.

First use our online order form to upload photos so our team can provide you with a quote. If you’re happy to go ahead we’ll send you an Evans box with prepaid return postage and instructions to safely post your shoes to our heritage workshop, alternatively you can send your own box.


We offer a variety of luxury shoe services including repairs, cleaning, restoration and colour changes. Some of our more popular designer shoe repair services are outlined below including a full service and price list.

Leather Toe Pieces

Designers shoes typically have thin leather soles that wear at the toes. We cut new toe pieces from leather to rebuild and recontour the leather before adding half rubber soles for long-term sole protection.

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Designer Sole Protectors

Protective soles or are a popular sole modification for designer shoes where colour-matched rubber soles are affixed to the front-half of leather soles. The rubber provides slip resistance, water tightness and preserves the leather.

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Designer Resole

We resole designer shoes with thin profile Italian leather, which is custom crafted and dyed to the colour of the original soles. The new soles are smoothed, waxed and professionally finished with an edge dressing.

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Heel Tip Repair / Replacement

We replace worn rubber heel tips with new custom fitted designer heel tips. The new tips are attached, smoothed and the heelpieces are finished with a renovator to tidy up any scuffs, marks or imperfections on the heelpieces.

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Heel Re-Cover / Re-Wrapping

We replace worn heel coverings recrafted on designer shoes with matching leather, which is used to 're-wrap' the heels. The new leather coverings can then be redyed or recoloured to match the original luxury heel coverings.

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Heelpiece Repair / Replacement

We replace cracked, broken or damaged heelpieces with a matching style of heelpiece, which is re-covered with leather. The leather is then recoloured with custom matched dye to replace the original luxury heelpieces.

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Heel Repair / Reinforce

We reattach heels that show signs of instability or wobbliness. The unstable heel is temporarily removed. The base of the shoe is sanded and an adhesive or additional reinforcement is applied. The heel is realigned for balance and attached back to the upper.

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Strap Repair / Replacement

We replace or repair worn or damaged straps, which can either be reinforced and strengthened with a supporting layer of leather or completely replaced. If a replacement strap is required, a new strap can be recrafted from a matching section of leather and redyed to replace the original.

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Insoles Repair / Replacement

The leather inserts attached to the base of designer shoes. We recraft the original insoles for designer shoes from leather preserving the luxury brandmark.

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Elastics Repair / Replacement

We replace or repair designer shoe elastics. Types of elastics include straps, leather covered or slingback elastics and the elastics used for gussets on some luxury shoes.

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Lining Repair / Replacement

The leather lining spanning the inside of designer shoes is susceptible to wear and tear over time. We replace worn, damaged or deteriorated linings with matching leather or material.

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Shoe Re-covering

We re-cover designer shoes with material such as satin to match clothing or accessories. This service is ideally for special occasions such as weddings. The amount of material required for this service is approximately half a metre.

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Stretching / Alterations

We stretch shoes with mechanised equipment up to half a size larger. We can also alter shoes or boots by hand to achieve a custom size. This may involve "letting out" the shoe from the upper to relieve tight designer shoes.

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Strap Alteration

We shorten or lengthen designer shoe straps to achieve alter the length. A measurement is taken to determine the ideal length of the strap. Excess leather can either be taken away or the strap can be lengthened with matching leather.

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We restitch designer shoes to repair any wear and tear. Our wide selection of threads allows for custom matching of thickness and colour for a seamless repair.

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Patch / Reinforce

We use a supporting layer of leather to patch any holes between the soles and uppers or tears in the shoes. The new layer of leather is used to reinforce and strengthen the area from an unexposed side.

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Zip Repair / Replacement

We replace designer shoe zips with matching zips. A new zip is selected that matches the profile of the original hardware and colour of the fabric and fitted from the inside of the shoe.

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Hardware Repair / Replacement

We replace lost, missing or damaged hardware on designer shoes. Examples may include eyelets, buckles and studs. We can also reattach or repair existing hardware on leather shoes.

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Professional water protection and stain resistance for suede and designer shoes. We only apply high quality silicon-free waterproofing agents that do not change the colour or complexion of the leather.

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Cleaning / Restoration

We offer a specialised designer shoe cleaning and restoration service. Our deep cleaning procedure involves removing any marks or stains on the leather with extractive techniques before restoring the surface with cleaning and conditioning agents.

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Recolouring / Refinishing

We refinish, redye or recolour designer shoes that are discoloured, scratched or stained. The dye is custom-matched and the finish is reapplied by hand before the leather is nourished and waterproofed to prevent colour migration.

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Dyeing / Colour Change

We redye desinger shoes to a completely new colour. The original finish of the shoe is stripped before the new dye is applied. Our dyes are applied by hand as opposed to sprays for a natural and refined finish to the leather.

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Full Service & Price List

Our full service and price list. If you require a repair or restoration not listed above or need a custom quote for your items send photos to our team via our online order form.

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