Designer Shoe Repairs

Examples of designer shoe repairs

Featured customer designer shoe repairs and restorations from our Facebook page. If you’re interested in having your luxury shoes repaired with us send photos to our team. Post your shoes from anywhere in Australia or visit our Melbourne heritage workshop.

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Givenchy Sneaker Restoration

Another puppy chewed designer shoe, posted by a customer from Sydney. We needed to recraft the leather backlining on one of the Givenchy sneakers, which had been completely torn through.

#givenchyshoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #sneakerrepair
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When will people realise, designer shoes and puppies don't mix! Obviously puppies with good taste!

I hide them all

Gucci Loafers Restoration

Black leather Gucci loafers "attacked" by this customers puppy. This customer posted her shoes from Brisbane to have them restored with us. We recrafted the torn tongue and revitalised the leather with a general redye and reconditioning service.

#designershoerepair #guccishoerepair #gucci
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I bet the customer is pretty happy with the results. You guys are magicians!

Evans are the best! Every couple of years when we still lived in Melbourne we’d take in our good winter shoes and boots for repair and restoration. Worth every cent. Means that your favourites live on every season and look great.

Beautiful workmanship!

Amazing work

Magic as always!

Virginia Donchos the place in the CBD I was telling you about this morning. ❤️

Someone loved those shoes

Keep forgetting to wear these 🖤


Chris Dunn good to know

Super impressive 👏

Terri Hart

Jessica Antoniou

Diana Stevanovic

Chard Lazarra

Cun Con Pham

Nicola Nasato 😂

Wow that’s amazing work

Wow. Talent

Jessica Kellahan

That’s amazing 🤩

Amazing work..

Wow! Impressive 👏👏

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Chanel Heel Repair

The heel was bent at the bead and the heel covers needed replacing. We replaced the heel covers before building out the lining and finished it off with recolouring of the leather.

#shoeheelrepair #DesignerShoeRepair #chanelshoerepair #evansrepairs

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -
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Katrina Tzirkas

Your the best

Louboutin Sole Protection

Half rubber sole protectors for Louboutin stiletto heels. After Louboutin soles wear in we'll typically add 1mm colour-matched rubber protectors to the soles. This is a popular anti-slip repair option which also extends the life of designer shoes.

#louboutinshoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #Soleprotection
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You can watch how Louboutin rubber sole protectors are added on our youtube

Hi can you gus fix these? My dog,,, 😯

Valentino heel restoration.

Cream grained leather Valentino heels with discolouration on the heelpieces and toes. Usually we don't need to completely redye the shoes for this type of work, just some light touching up or refinishing of the colour and refilling the leather.

#DesignerShoeRepair #valentinoshoerepair #valentinorestoration
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Valentino Garavani heel restoration.

The heels had been been mauled by this customers pup. There was fraying around one of the uppers with a chewed section extending all the way through into the lining. The black leather heel covers had also been destroyed.

We replaced the heel covers before building out the lining / remaking the bitten upper portion of the shoe. We also smoothed and tidied up the worn soles (not perfect but we retained the original Valentino soles)

#designershoerepair #valentinoshoerepair #valentinorestoration

We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier -
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For those wondering about the 3 missing rockstuds on the chewed upper - we remade the leather portion and attached a few Valentino rockstuds we had in stock.

Do you provide on the spot quotes?

Your work is incredible

Olga Zanetti just in case 😬😬😬

Beautiful work 👍🏼

Wooo amazing job

The best



Brilliant work.

#adellechurch ... you were the first person that came to mind when I saw this..😁...hope you and Steve are both well and having fun

Jacqueline Barbagallo wow! How is this repair 😍

You guys are magicians!



Keirah Maree ahhh memories

Kylee Wehbe

Ezz Hen thought of you when I saw this


Iraani Mcleod just in case you need it oneday

This reminds me of when you fell down the stairs and broke yours 😂 Cassandra Paroulakis

Thanh Haa

Good to know!

Amber McDonald 👠 place I was speaking about

Stephanie Mihos I think you should hand over your Loubs to these people

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Chanel Ballerina Restoration & Recolouring

We’re hopeful we can start showcasing a few of our repairs again soon, unfortunately our photographer hasn’t been able to come in due to restrictions. A special thanks to our customers who have used our prepaid postal box service, we hope everyone is well and looking after themselves.
#designershoerepair #chanelshoerepair #chanelrestoration #colourrefinishing
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Louboutin red sole restoration

The original soles were quite worn down so we re-contoured the soles and added leather (notice the darker portions of the soles near the toes). We needed to custom match the red dye and apply several layers to permanently restore the finish.
#DesignerShoeRepair #shoerepair #refinishing #louboutinshoerepair #louboutinrestoration
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If you're interested in watching the full restoration please see our Youtube channel

Oooooo how much does this cost?


Emily Lentini this is the one I was talking about

Metaxia Kalantzis future reference

Danielle Agresta

Sanaz Rezaie

Katrina Tzirkas

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Valentino Heel Restoration

The customer had scratched her Valentino Garvani leather heelpieces. We took apart / unscrewed the heels and re-covered them with a matching black patent leather.

#DesignerShoeRepair #shoerepair #valentinoshoerepair #valeninoshoerestoration
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What does this service cost Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs ??

Georgie Packer

Day PK

Katrina Tzirkas

They are the best

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Valentino Garavani insoles recraft.

We added a layer of padding and remade the insoles from a similar black leather. Our customers usually like us to retain the original brand mark for this type of work.

#DesignerShoeRepair #shoerepair #insolereplacement #valentinorepair #valentinoshoerepair
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Sophie Friggens you should get a quote from these guys for you YSL bag

Sammi Stavrou

The fourth pair of Guccis hes destroyed

Gucci loafer restoration. We rebuilt the upper for this client and added a layer of leather lining for support. The colour of the white leather we used wasn't perfect so we also redyed it for her.

#guccishoerepair #guccishoerestoration #shoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #designershoerestoration
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Perhaps someone needs to learn to put their shoes away 🤓

Anthony Gaulke

Curate & Style this is the sensational leather repairer I mentioned

Omg that’s amazing. I have Gucci sneakers my dog attacked. Can u fix them too?

Thank goodness for that skilled artisans like you!

Well done, a very difficult repair.

Goodness! Maybe store them out of reach??!!

Moral of the story- don’t wear Guccis when you have a puppy - 🤣or leave them lying around!

Wow Great job! Wish I know you when my dog was young she ripped my fave Jimmy Choo heels 🤗 But is ok I can’t be mad at her lol

Just as well it wasn’t human or I’d be mad .. 🐶 💕..amazing restoration !!!!


Pure genius. Love your work 😥❤😊

Kylie Markopoulos this is the page to follow if you ever need repairs the store won’t cover

Ones for you Phil Morrison

Erica Reyes

Polly Tsingelidis

Ken Rowbotham 🤭

Nicole Marjanovich

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Ferragamo heel restoration

Black patent leather heels that were scuffed with the leather peeling. We took apart the heelpieces and re-wrapped them for this client.

#ferragamoshoerepair #shoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #luxuryshoerepair #heelpiecerecover
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This is my husbands work before,he is a shoe repairer.

True craftsmanship. Artisan.

Do amazing work.

Beautiful work.