Australia’s leading leather restoration. Evans Premium Leather Restoration has developed a tradition of fine workmanship for over 50 years right in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Shoe Repairs & Restoration

With decades of experience in repairing and restoring shoes, your favourite shoes can be as good as new even with extensive damage from years of wear and tear.

Handbags And Accessories Restoration

We repair and restore leather handbags, wallets and accessories with close attention to detail and quality so that they will last you many more years to come.

Jackets And Clothing Restoration

We have extensive experience repairing leather jackets and other clothing, including recolouring, size adjustments, fixing stitching, replacing zips and buttons, and repairing scratches and cuts.

Briefcases, Travel & Business Bags

We restore and repair premium briefcases, business bags, suitcases and other travel bags with flawless quality.