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Featured customer shoe repairs and restorations from our Facebook page. If you’re interested in having your shoes repaired with us send photos to our team. Post your shoes from anywhere in Australia or visit our Melbourne heritage workshop

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Adding rubber sole protectors to designer shoes.

Our team working behind the scenes to get a nice finish for our clients. Our staff will typically work on one pair at a time, the rubber needs to be adapted to the leather soles (shaven back a few mm), glued and the edges refinished.

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Tina Le

Wonderful work

Louboutin red sole restoration

The original soles were quite worn down so we re-contoured the soles and added leather (notice the darker portions of the soles near the toes). We needed to custom match the red dye and apply several layers to permanently restore the finish.
#DesignerShoeRepair #shoerepair #refinishing #louboutinshoerepair #louboutinrestoration
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If you're interested in watching the full restoration please see our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULSKgwVI7rE&t=15s

Oooooo how much does this cost?

Danielle Agresta

Katrina Tzirkas

Sanaz Rezaie

Emily Lentini this is the one I was talking about

Metaxia Kalantzis future reference


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Valentino Heel Restoration

The customer had scratched her Valentino Garvani leather heelpieces. We took apart / unscrewed the heels and re-covered them with a matching black patent leather.

#DesignerShoeRepair #shoerepair #valentinoshoerepair #valeninoshoerestoration
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Georgie Packer

What does this service cost Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs ??

Katrina Tzirkas

They are the best

Day PK

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Valentino Garavani insoles recraft.

We added a layer of padding and remade the insoles from a similar black leather. Our customers usually like us to retain the original brand mark for this type of work.

#DesignerShoeRepair #shoerepair #insolereplacement #valentinorepair #valentinoshoerepair
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Sophie Friggens you should get a quote from these guys for you YSL bag

Sammi Stavrou

The fourth pair of Guccis hes destroyed

Gucci loafer restoration. We rebuilt the upper for this client and added a layer of leather lining for support. The colour of the white leather we used wasn't perfect so we also redyed it for her.

#guccishoerepair #guccishoerestoration #shoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #designershoerestoration
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Pure genius. Love your work 😥❤😊

Well done, a very difficult repair.

Just as well it wasn’t human or I’d be mad .. 🐶 💕..amazing restoration !!!!

Polly Tsingelidis

Omg that’s amazing. I have Gucci sneakers my dog attacked. Can u fix them too?

Kylie Markopoulos this is the page to follow if you ever need repairs the store won’t cover

Nicole Marjanovich

Goodness! Maybe store them out of reach??!!

Erica Reyes

Ken Rowbotham 🤭


Ones for you Phil Morrison

Curate & Style this is the sensational leather repairer I mentioned

Perhaps someone needs to learn to put their shoes away 🤓

Moral of the story- don’t wear Guccis when you have a puppy - 🤣or leave them lying around!

Wow Great job! Wish I know you when my dog was young she ripped my fave Jimmy Choo heels 🤗 But is ok I can’t be mad at her lol

Anthony Gaulke

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Ferragamo heel re-covering. Black patent leather heels that were scuffed with the leather peeling. We took apart the heelpieces and re-wrapped them for this client.

#ferragamoshoerepair #shoerepair #DesignerShoeRepair #luxuryshoerepair #heelpiecerecover
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Beautiful work.

Do amazing work.

This is my husbands work before,he is a shoe repairer.

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