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We specialise in handbag repairs, cleaning and restoration services. Visit our handbag repair shop in Melbourne for a personalised consultation or if you're looking for "handbag repairs near me" post your bag from anywhere in Australia with our online handbag repair service.


Trusted by generations of clients, fashionistas and brands we're Australias specialists in handbag repair, cleaning and leather restoration. Visit our handbag repair shop in Melbourne CBD or post your handbag from anywhere in Australia. Send photos to our team to get started.

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Handbag Repair

Examples of Handbag Repairs

We specialise in designer and luxury bag repairs. See recent examples of designer bag repairs and customer stories from our Facebook page. Learn about the type of work we do, brands we service and the bespoke solutions we provide to our clients based locally and around Australia.

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Vintage glomesh bag relining.⁠

The original lining of the bag was worn and torn. We replaced the lining with a sample selected by the customer while repurposing the original chain and tag.

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We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier - www.evans.com.au/postal-orders/
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Always wanted a glomesh bag always ♥️

Fantastic work👍👍

Fantastic work

Beautiful! A job well done 🥰

Handbag Repairs Melbourne

We're located at Shop 50, Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Send your handbag repair to us online via Australia Post or visit our Melbourne shop for a personalised consultation. With an established reputation in repairing and restoring handbags for over sixty years, our team specialise in all types of handbag repair and restoration services.

Melbourne Handbag Repairs. We're located at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Online Handbag Repairs Australia

If you're looking for "handbag repairs near me", we also offer an online handbag repair and restoration service with Australia Post. Our shop assistants can help organise your order by sending you a free postal box with fully insured delivery. Send photos of your handbag to our team to get started.

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Handbag Repairs Australia


The cost of handbag repairs can vary according to the types of repairs, the skill of the worker, quality of the materials used and / or complexity of the work involved. As we specialise in handbag restorations our focus is on quality of repairs and workmanship. Please see our handbag repair price list here.

Bring your handbag to our heritage workshop. We are located at Shop 50 Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Opening hours 9am – 6pm weekdays – Saturday. No appointment required.

First use our online order form to upload photos so our team can provide you with a quote. If you’re happy to go ahead we’ll send you an Evans box with prepaid return postage and instructions to safely post your handbag to our heritage workshop, alternatively you can send your own box.

Our Handbag Repair Services

We repair all types of handbags working with leather, canvas and other materials including patent leather, suede, canvas and reptile leathers. Some of our more popular handbag repair services are outlined below including a full service and price list.

Handbag loop repair or replacement

Loop Repair / Replacement

We repair worn loops, which can either be reinforced and strengthened with a supporting layer of leather or completely replaced. We recraft new loops from leather and recolour to match the original colour.

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Handbag relining or lining replacement

Lining Repair / Replacement

We replace linings or reline handbags that are worn or deteriorated with matching leather or material. Our craftsmen can incorporate multiple compartments, pockets and zips into new linings for a seamless repair.

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handbag strap repair or replacement

Strap Repair / Replacement

We repair or replace worn or damaged handbag straps. Straps can either be reinforced and strengthened with a supporting layer of leather or completely replaced. We remake new straps from similar leather and recolour to match the original colour.

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Handbag handle repair or replacement

Handle Repair / Replacement

We repair or replace worn or damaged handbag handles. The handles can either be reinforced and strengthened with a supporting layer of leather or completely remade. We recraft both flat or rounded handles from similiar leather and recolour to match the original colour.

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Handbag resizing or reshaping

Resizing, Reshaping or Restructuring

We can change the size and shape of a handbag, making it smaller, larger or modifying the structure. Reshaping can involve correcting 'saggy' bags by opening the lining and adding leather stiffeners from the inside of the handbag.

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Handbag strap shortening or lengthening

Strap Shortening / Lengthening

We shorten or lengthen handbag straps to achieve a custom length. This usually requires a fitting to determine the ideal length of the strap. Excess leather can either be taken away or the strap can be lengthened.

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Handbag hardware repair or replacement

Hardware Repair / Replacement

We replace all types of handbag hardware including locks, clasps, eyelets, buckles, D-rings, grommets, chains, snaps, small pins, metal feet, trimmings, frames, rivets and press studs. The original hardware can sometimes be repaired or replated with metal instead of replaced.

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Handbag zip repair or replacement

Zip Repair / Replacement

We repair broken zips or replace handbag zips with matching zips. A new zip is selected that matches the profile of the original hardware and colour of the fabric and fitted from the inside of the bag. Providing the original zip slider is not damaged, it can be inserted onto the new zip track.

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Handbag restitching

Stitch / Restiching

We restitch handbags to repair any wear and tear. Our industrial-grade stitching machines are used for straight seams. Hand stitching is often used for thicker leathers. Our wide selection of threads allows for custom matching of thickness and colour for a seamless repair.

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Patch or reinforce

Patch / Reinforce

We patch and repair worn loops, straps, handles, piping, edges or tears in the body of the bag. The new layer of leather is used to reinforce and strengthen the area from an unexposed side. External patching on areas such as corners or edges may require the leather to be redyed.

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Handbag fixing or reglueing

Reglueing, Fixing, Metalwork...

We attend to a variety of repairs and fixes that do not fit neatly into other categories. Examples may include reattaching hardware, fixing zips, locks and small pins, frames, runners and re-glueing leather, fur or material with specialised adhesives.

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Handbag strap edge re-waxing or resealing

Re-waxing Handles and Straps

We apply new wax edging to restore frayed handle and strap edges. The edges of the handles or strap are lightly sanded for smoothness and an applicator tool is used to re-wax the edges. Several layers are built up on the leather edges until the wax finish and edging is restored.

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Handbag waterproofing or protection

Waterproofing / Protection

We waterproof suede and leather handbags. We only apply high quality silicon-free waterproofing agents that do not change the colour or complexion of the leather while strengthening the fibres and creating a water protective barrier.

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Handbag cleaning and restoration

Cleaning / Restoration

We clean and removed stains from handbags. Our deep cleaning procedure involves removing any marks or stains on the leather with extractive techniques before restoring the surface with cleaning and conditioning agents.

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Handbag refinishing and recolouring

Refinishing / Recolouring

We refinish, redye or recolour handbags that are discoloured, scratched or deeply stained. The dye is custom-matched and the finish is reapplied by hand before the leather is nourished and waterproofed to prevent colour migration.

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Handbag dyeing and colour change

Colour Change / Dye

We recolour or dye handbags to a completely new colour. Our dyes are applied by hand as opposed to spray application for a more natural and refined finish to the leather that preserves the original character.

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Full Service & Price List

Our full service and price list. If you require a repair or restoration not listed above or need a custom quote for your items send photos to our team via our online order form.

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Customer Reviews

  • Xavier George

  • Jono Emblin

    Over 30 years ago, as a teenager I inherited a custom made pair of cowboy boots from my father..I've worn them continuously on countless adventures and misadventures and loved them dearly.. But they were dirty, really dirty and showed their age.As a prime example of the merit of buying quality once I figured they deserved to be restored properly and professionally. Enthused by words such as, cleaned, nourished and restored I agreed to most every option and paid over $1000..(!!)While dirty and scuffed the boots carried a patena that told a story. Retaining the character was specifically discussed, with reference in particular to the top of the boots that were beautifully uneven but natural and not as worn.I'll skip the bit about it taking over 5 weeks longer than told and the weekly request for updates. Then told they were posted and seemingly lost in the post. (tracking code registered as delivered but didn't turn up until over a week later).So when they finally arrived I was beside myself with excitement and relief that they weren't lost in transit..When I opened them I pretty much just wanted to have a bit of a cry.I feel like I've sent an antique timber table off for beeswax and oil restoration and they've said..Here you go we painted it Brown.A thick layer of matt baby-poo brown to be exact...Instead of telling the story of life it looks like a pair of cheap and nasty probably fake leather boots..I don't even know what to say to them. I actually wonder whether it was deliberate punishment for 'harassing' them with weekly requests for updates after the due date ..I had a bit of trouble finding a before shot, but what do you think, $1000 to change this to that?There's a picture of the inside of the boot where you can see the beautiful original fawn tones of the leather...UPDATE - To be fair they are trying to contact me, but I just don't know what to say to them.I'm not saying don't use this company, they're clearly good at some things. Just make sure you have your expectations matched to what they can and can't do. We did discuss the patina and character of the leather before hand so I'm confused about the comments on dying now. I was under the impression the dying before after would look more like the jacket on their website examples.My disappointment is that it looks more like thick paint that what I imagine as 'dye'. Up close it barely looks like real leather. I thought nourished and hydrated would improve the leather from within and dyeing would be a rich polish like finish. It just isn't.The boots were dilapidated, and maybe in trying to make them look 'new' an ugly masking approach was taken. But we talked in detail about the boots, I never expected to look new, I just wanted them to last longer and look more presentable, faults and all.Had they checked in with me at points along the way and given me input on options we might have had a different outcome. Because the outcome does not reflect the original discussions we had.I won't address the delays (got the email trail) as that is a secondary issue, but suffice to say it was substantially longer than every indication along the way.UPDATE 2Discussion have progressed and Jenny is genuinely intent to make good. The boots have been sent back after long discussions and recap of what was actually expected. I can commend them on their positive attitude towards the issue and lack of defensive mindset.I'm changing my rating from 1 to 3 in anticipation of a good second attempt.FINAL UPDATE - To their credit they took them back and did a solid job of restoring them to the way that was discussed and expected. It was a traumatic experience, but they do have the skills. I'd jut make sure that your wants and expectations are outlined precisely in the first instance.

  • Aus Sabu

    So good to have genuine good old service with a smile. Work on shoes and boots are excellent.Lionel