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We specialise in replacing linings on handbags or relining bags with either leather or material, retaining the original zips, hardware and brand pieces. If you’re interested in having your handbag relined with us send photos to our team.

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Vintage glomesh bag relining

The original lining of the bag was worn and torn. We replaced the lining with a sample selected by the customer while repurposing the original chain and tag.

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We’re currently operating via contactless Postal service or courier - www.evans.com.au/postal-orders/
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Always wanted a glomesh bag always ♥️

Fantastic work👍👍

Fantastic work

Beautiful! A job well done 🥰

I have one of these bags - it is exactly the same and the lining requires replacing. Received as a 21st gift and have held onto for so many years. Wearing to my nephews wedding next weekend

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Chanel Lining Recraft and Replacement

Chanel quilted leather bag with wear and tear around the lining and inner surfaces. We remade the lining from a beige leather including all the compartments. We also did our best to preserve the Chanel logo on the flap and silver embossing.

#chanelbagrepair #designerbagrepair #bagrelining #bagrepair #leatherbagrepair
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You can also watch the Chanel bag repair on our youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=pceGtowefqo

I have emailed and no reply



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Prada Handbag Relining.

We'll often see pleather linings on both fake and authentic brand items. You can see the crumbly leather where the lining has disintegrated. We replaced the lining with a colour-matched leather and used a red wax finish to restore and reseal the edges

#pradabagrepair #handbagrepair #designerbagrepair #bagrepair #bagrelining
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Jessie Zhu

I’ll be in contact I have a LV bucket bag needs lining as it’s rippling ...

Great job

Better than new

Samuel Hastings

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Louis Vuitton Antique Case Restoration

LV antique case purchased by this client in Italy. The inside had deteriorated so they asked to have the lining recrafted with a red leather. We added some structure to the inside of the case by making and screwing in leather-covered side panels.The hardware was also quite rusted so we polished this up with a brass cleaner.

Photography Tatiana C C Scott

#louisvuittonrepair #louisvuittonbagrepair #louisvuttonvintage #bagrepair #bagrelining #leatherbagrepair
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Thank you so much for your work, absolutely love the final outcome

Well done on the restoration! 😍

master craftsman

Wow incredible craftmanship


Love your work!!

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YSL handbag repair

Yves Saint Laurent bag sent by Olivia to repair the hardware / press stud, which had a small tear in the leather. We decided on replacing the entire panel as there was a bit of wear and discolouration to the suede.

#yslbagrepair #yslbagrestoration #designerbagrepair #bagrelining
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It looks fantastic!

Excellent work, as usual.

Marvellous job!

Extremely pleased with my bags.

Dior Lining Restoration.

Great to see our clients having much loved items couriered into us. This bag had a "crumbling" faux leather lining which we replaced with leather. If you need a repair or any restorative work done, feel free to PM us and our team can help with any requirements.

#diorhandbagrepair #diorbagrestoration #handbagrepair #bagrepair #designerbagrepair #bagrelining
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Sad that Dior would use faux leather.

what are your charges?????


Another great job.

I love seeing your posts!!!!!!!!!!

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3 years ago

Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs

"Crumbling Glomesh bag"

Glomesh handbag relining. The original satin lining was stained (photo 2 & 3) so the customer had selected a sturdier orange material for us to replace the satin with. Unfortunately the bag was disintegrating from the inside so it was a bit more work then first anticipated. We managed to clean it up, added some support and installed the new lining for her.

#glomeshbagrepair #bagrepair #bagrelining #handbagrepair #handbagrepairmelbourne
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How much was this to fix please? Thanks!

Mine was restored 🥰

Wow! Beautiful work!

Brilliant Work.

Amazing job!!! 😱😱😱😱

Danielle Agresta

Will it match my shoes?

Gorgeous. I have the same bag


Jessica Marian this is the place I mentioned yesterday

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3 years ago

Evans - Quality Shoe, Handbag & Leather Repairs

Gucci Lining Replacement

Gucci lining replacement. We removed the old synthetic lining and recrafted a new one from matching white / cream leather. We also remade the zips, inserted the Gucci branded hardware and recreated the pockets to match the original design.

#guccibagrepair #guccirepair #bagrelining
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Amazing. Gucci are naughty lining a bag with synthetic lining....

And what are the? charges for this process please?

I must make a visit this is wonderful

Great job!!!

Elfi Parzefall you could get the GG marmont white bag ink leak replaced!!! 😱

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