Leather Apparel

Repairs & Alterations

Servicing designer leather clothing to vintage jackets. Our services include invisibly patching holes and tears, adjusting sleeves or resizing leather jackets, replacing leather-covered buttons, zips, linings and entire panels . We also specialise in leather cleaning, colour refinishing and dyeing.

Leather Apparel

The layer of material that spans the inside of leather garments. The lining is replaced with either colour-matched Satin or another durable material. The selected material is measured and tailored to match the dimensions of the original lining. The material is then inserted and stitched from the inside of the garment.

Leather garments are made up of a number panels stitched together. When a large portion of the leather rips, tears or deteriorates, the entire panel may need to be replaced. A new section of leather is selected that matches the profile of the garment. The leather is measured and handcrafted to the dimensions of the original panel. A section of the lining is temporarily removed and the new panel is stitched from the inside of the garment.

The buttons or hardware are selected to match the design of the garment. Examples may include press studs, buttons and leather-covered buttons.

A fitting is conducted to find the sections of the garment that need to be altered. Possible services include widening or narrowing the garment at the seams, shortening or extending at the hem or adjusting the sleeves. For extending or widening procedures, matching leather may need to be sourced from our suppliers.

Various techniques are used for stitching loose seams within leather. These include machine stitching, hand stitching and stitching from inside the leather. Our industrial-grade stitching machines are used for straight seams. Hand stitching is often used for thicker leathers. Stitching from the inside the leather may be required for certain finishes. Our wide selection of threads allows for custom matching of thickness and colour.

Any rips or tears in the garment are reinforced with a supporting layer of leather. A section of matching leather is measured and handcrafted to a size that covers the tear. A section of the lining is temporarily removed and the patch is inserted from the inside of the leather. The patch will appear invisible from the outside of the garment.

Our craftsmen attend to a variety of repairs and fixes that do not fit neatly into other categories. Examples may include reattaching hardware, fixing zips, locks and small pins, runners and re-glueing leather, fur or material with specialised adhesives. We re-weld broken hardware and frames. Re-annodise scratched or discoloured metallic trimmings and hardware.

Cleaning, Refinishing & Dyeing

In addition to repairs and alterations, our specialists can perform leather restoration services.

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